• April 13, 2024

Xerox ConnectKey Technology – Why It Is In Hype

 Xerox ConnectKey Technology – Why It Is In Hype

There are so many new technologies that have made commercial operations smoother and better.

Xerox is one of such crucial printing brands trending in the market and with a blend of modern technology like office printers, their concept of Connectkey technologies even gained more popularity. It offers some of the finest features that make it distinguished from the rest of the other choices. But if you are new to this and wondering what exactly the benefits associated with it then you are at the right place. Before using it, it is always better that you make the right decision after gaining a better knowledge of the same.

Discover more about Xerox ConnectKey Technology:

Xerox ConnectKey Technology is one of the broadest platforms that consist of some unique features which are designed for specific Xerox catalog machines. This technology is one all-encompassing solution that is used by Xerox products for the features that are designed to ensure a user can stay productive in meeting the general official goals and tasks like using office printers.  As said earlier, it has ample features but the most compelling one is the tablet-like user interface which lets you swipe, touch, scroll, and even pinch to finish tasks that are quite the same as that of the Smartphone. The ability to print from the phone and also, print, manage or scan and then share the documents is possible from or to specific cloud storage.

Benefits of using office printers Xerox ConnectKey Technology

Listed are the smart benefits that you can get using Xerox ConnectKey Technology

It lets technology be cloud and mobile ready

Post the pandemic crises now you will find most workplaces choosing remote and online work options. That is why it is crucial to conduct some of the tasks by accessing the phone like printing or getting access to some crucial document especially when there is no physical copy around. With the help of Xerox ConnectKey, you can print from the phone using the applications Microsoft 365 and Microsoft OneDrive and thus scan and even print the documents like office printers with groups or individuals irrespective of the location.

Get Advanced Security Features:

Another amazing feature of this technology is the advanced printer security features. The printer sector has turned out to be a primary concern for many companies. Lack of security often has caused companies inconvenience as it causes loss of some crucial data. But with Connectkey-featured devices, there is a four-point approach that is followed when it comes to security. This approach is all about preventing, protecting, detecting, and considering the external partnership.

Talking of which, when it comes to accessing certain points, well they are well protected against malicious attacks or even unauthorized access misuse to the office printers because of features like access control and authentication. This makes it an even more reliable option.

Xerox ConnectKey also has Managed print services that can help to automate the process of business and offer assistance with the built-in tools as and when needed. Choosing this option for office printers is surely one ideal fit for every workplace.

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