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WiFi Says No Internet Connection Even After An Extender

Is there an issue of internet connection at your place? Usually many users face the same problem. But no issues, we are up with a number of solutions on getting into the wavlink extender setup portal and many more things as well.

Check The Connection Of The Extender 

The extender must be in connection with the existing routers. Routers are important to fix the network problems as software also does not get fixed automatically. There could be so many reasons behind WiFi extenders not connecting to the internet. We have listed them all one by one, so look at the steps below to resolve the causes of connection problem:

  • First, the internet is partial.
  • Thereafter, see if the router and the extender are within the range or not.
  • Just check the signals It can be possible that the router is potentially weak. To transmit the range extending signals to the WiFi extender.
  • Therefore, the range extender is not connected to the power outlet.
  • However,  the IP address of the router is not allocated to the WiFi extender.
  • The outdated firmware is causing distractions.
  • Connecting different range extenders but home network although not compatible.
  • Might be the Connection is loose from the cable.
  • Though, the extender is within the range of the router but it is showing a dead zone technically.
  • Orange LED light is visible there. It is weak for sure.

No Internet Access Even There Is Internet

Trying to connect the WiFi router but facing issues with the router and modem as well, be at ease! Sometimes technical issues can also be a root cause of the router not performing well. However, the WiFi adapter could also result in internet access error.  

Use The Channels Which Are Specific

Try to avoid keeping anything which shares the same channels like printers, Bluetooth headsets and microwaves near the extenders, try to use some specific channel like 1, 11 and 6. Try to install a Wavlink router rather than using any other channel on your home network.  The above devices and gadgets share the same frequency 2.4GHZ, so ensure to make these changes to keep your extender running well all the time.

Keep The Extender’s Firmware Updated

Old firmware versions can lead to dropping of the internet momentarily. For sure consider updating the Firmware of your extender. You can update it through wifi.wavlink.com Hopefully, it can update the Wavlink extender setup Firmware and help in increasing the internet speed as well.

To Start Your Network Follow the Sequence of Method:

  • In the beginning, plug in the wire or the DSL extender and turn it on. But, you have to wait patiently here for 2 minutes or more.
  • Now plug in the power cord on the powerless router power port and wait for the next one minute.
  • Next, turn the computer on.

Check the Lights on the Router:

  • The Power Lights: The LED light on the router will first turn amber and then later on it will turn out solid green.
  • The Lights on wireless: After turning the router on the lights should be lit.
  • What Internet port Light be Like: If internet port light does not lit it means the ethernet cable is not connected well to the internet port of the wireless router. The extender light should also be on from the power button.
  • LAN Light: The LAN light should also lighten up green which means the computer is communicating after forming the connection.
  • Note: If you face a wifi.wavlink.com not working error, then you can try login into the portal and try setting up the configurations of the router and extender. Now see if the problem still persists.

Wizard Setup:

The wizard setup will hardly take 20 minutes to complete. 

  1. In the Windows PC insert the Wavlink CD. The CD will detect and will start the process.
  2. After that, accept the language from the language option and you can easily change it.
  3. Therefore, Click on the ‘next’ now to proceed further.
  4. Finally, click on the Setup to start the installation assistant of Smart Wizard. However, by following the wizard instructions you can effortlessly Setup the Smart Wizard.

Its Time to Set Up And Test Wireless Connectivity

You can change the appropriate wireless connectivity by enabling the security settings, according to your need. You can establish it easily by following the below instructions.

  1. In general, you can login into the default username of the admin and default password by entering the portal, or you can use the LAN address and the password you have used during the Setup process.
  2. In the main menu of the router by clicking on  the Wireless Settings.
  3. The default SSID is Wavlink.
  4. To set the region you have to select the region in which you want to operate the wireless interface. 
  5. Now save the changes by selecting the apply button.
  6. Arrange and test the Wireless connectivity of your computer, by clicking on the wireless link and easily obtain the IP address by DHCP of your Router. 

Check The Outer Settings Once

If we talk about the outer settings then it is mostly for the antennas. Try setting up the antennas in the perpendicular position. As it helps best in the transmission of the signals. So keep this in mind as well.

Quick Tip: Now if you have tried everything and still up with nothing. Then just reset the router from a small reset button. This is so easy and helps you get every issue so quickly like this. All the tricks and tips are so easy. You just need to do everything pateintly.  


We hope your router and extender are working well, as we have given a number of tips to resolve the Setup issues of the wavlink ac600 setup. If you are not getting any query then you can chat with us in the given below chat details. As we have a very dedicated team which is there for you to resolve all your queries.  

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