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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Spinal Surgery

 Why You Shouldn’t Fear Spinal Surgery

There’s a good reason that the word “backbone” has become synonymous with vital structures, fortitude, and other things considered positive and strong. This is because the human backbone, the spine, is pretty much the thing that keeps people upright. The spine is not only the most important set of bones in the body, but it also houses all the central nerves. Unfortunately, however, millions of people have spinal issues and end up needing surgery every year. As you might imagine, many people are very scared to get spinal surgery. Should you fear having spinal surgery? Here are some reasons why there is nothing to fear if you need to have your spine operated on.


Surgery is Safer than Ever Before

The fact of the matter is that surgeries today are safer than they have ever been before. While there is still medical error in the world, the modern west has an impeccable record of safe and effective surgeries. A lot of this is because America’s medical technology is simply second to none. The best equipment leads to the best x-rays and scans in identifying the issue, and it also helps to correct the issue. This means that surgeries are most likely going to be very safe. That’s not even getting into the skills modern surgeons possess.


Spinal Surgeons are Specialists

Speaking of skill, today’s spinal surgeons are true specialists in their field. It’s all they do. They’re not going to have an ear, nose, and throat doctor come in and perform surgery on your spine. Your surgeon deals specifically with spinal issues. It’s what they’ve studied, practiced, and performed for years. You can find qualified spinal surgeons all over the country. If you live in the area in Arizona, for instance, finding the right back and spine specialist in Phoenix and surrounding areas is easy. The same goes for any state that you live in.


Most Surgical Procedures are Now Routine

Another thing to keep in mind here, as it pertains to any fear you might have of spinal surgery, is that most surgeries you’re going to have are routine at this point. It’s not as if the spinal column is a new thing that scientists just found out about. There are many centuries of trial and error involved in spinal procedures, and so these days most spinal surgeries are simply by-the-book routine procedures that are nothing to dread. Many are simple outpatient corrective procedures. There is certainly nothing to fear here.


Fear Does Not Help You

Now, of course, you should care about your surgery, just like you should care about the health of your spine. Though being overly worried and anxious about your medical procedure is not going to help. Having this sort of anxiety is just going to build up over time, until the point you’re anxious about being anxious. This is going to make you fear the surgery. It won’t affect your results, but it sure will make you miserable leading up to your surgery. Let that fear go and put yourself in the hands of qualified specialists to assist you.


The Odds are In Your Favor

You should also consider here that the odds are in your favor. If you’re fearful of spinal surgery, it’s likely because you think something is going to go wrong, either with your anesthesia or the surgery itself. This is likely spurred by some stories you’ve heard. Well, you can put your mind at ease by actually looking at the statistics. It’s extremely unlikely that you’re going to experience any sort of complications with your spinal surgery. Unless it’s major surgery, you’re likely safe. Even then, with a major procedure, the odds are still in your favor.


In Conclusion

Nothing is ever 100% safe. Driving to work, eating at a restaurant, and even walking across the street could lead to disaster. Though you likely aren’t scared of any of those things. The odds are about the same when it comes to most routine spinal surgeries, so you should trust the specialists and take your mind off of it.

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