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Why you should have a mobile app for your Magento store

 Why you should have a mobile app for your Magento store

Many online retailers invest in mobile commerce (m-commerce) by creating mobile apps as the e-commerce business is expanding quickly.

M-commerce refers to the exchange of goods and services via mobile applications, such as online stores and marketplaces.

An essential addition to an online store, a mobile app is needed when your primary e-commerce site expands and sales increase. It will assist in enhancing your consumers shopping experiences and boosting revenue at your store.

Magento is one of the well-known, powerful, and effective platforms for creating online apps. A mobile app that is completely integrated with your Magento store can be created using internal features provided by Magento.

It is a great e-Commerce solution for both large and small organizations due to its open-source nature and complete customizability. Over 190,000 stores worldwide are powered by Magento.

If you are interested in m-commerce, then here are the reasons why you should build a mobile app for your Magento store:

Design and branding

A mobile app gives an advantage over a website. You don’t have to rely on a browser or device components, and you won’t experience cache issues.

In other words, you can create the app the way you wish to be. Additional swiping functions, such as pinch, hold, drag, tap, double tap, and more, can be added to make it more user-friendly.

Through version upgrades, you can also change your app’s design, colors, and logo. It maintains your app in line with your brand’s mission and the preferences of your users. In this manner, you can make your app available 24/7.

Simple dashboard and inventory management

You are given access through the admin panel with modules that you can personalize to your needs by using Magento mobile app builder.

You can review sales records, examine the average order value, the overall sales, the amount of stock available, etc. You can manage all of your stores from a single dashboard if you have many stores.

It’s important to keep track of product inventory and to maintain a supply of the products that are in demand. You can see, add, and edit the stock with the aid of an app, giving you complete control over it.

Quicker than websites

A Magento 2 mobile app is superior to any website in terms of loading speed. The app stores data locally on mobile devices rather than on online servers.

Technically speaking, a website often performs the majority of its functions using JS code. JS code is slower than an app’s framework, which can be up to five times faster. Users today favor using apps over web pages because of this functionality.

Handles more traffic

The factor that influences a business’s preference for mobile shopping applications over websites is the fact that apps are more engaging.

Independent apps provide countless more advantages, and important among them is that they engage more clients and handle more traffic.

When traffic is heavier, websites frequently crash and take a long time to load. This frustrates potential clients and can cost you some conversions.

So, one approach to keep your consumers is, with the help of a robust Magento store build a mobile app.

Ensure superior mobile experiences

Typically, desktop-first design is used when creating websites. And a responsive one is created specifically to appear on the smaller screens of tablets or smartphones. To put it another way, the aim was to make the screen smaller.

But the native Magento store apps were created exclusively with mobile users in mind. With its enhanced features, customers may explore and check out with just a few taps or scrolls.

Boost the checkout process’s reliability

Customers frequently make a desktop purchase after looking at their mobile devices because they take the security of the checkout process very seriously.

And such a time-consuming experience will not occur with a mobile app built for Magento. As an alternative to employing a third party, the app owner may even manage their own payment gateway.

Better bonding and increased customer convenience

You can provide your users the option to enable notifications, modify settings, remember passwords, subscribe to newsletters, and more. Giving users the option to do all of this enhances their app experience, and they just feel more immersive.

To further entice customers with discounts and offers, you may also launch a loyalty program.

Making customers feel more appreciated by providing benefits in various ways will build your relationship with them.

There are many novel features you can include in an app like:

  • GPS – When enabled, this feature recognizes the user’s present position automatically, minimizing the need to manually enter shipping information. It additionally helps in locating your closest physical store.
  • Live to track- It is a service that enables your customers to keep track of orders and their statuses. They are better able to track the whereabouts of their orders, which more effectively engages the audience.
  • Audio Search / Voice Search – Enables users to do a simple voice command search for the item they are looking for.
  • Clicking and Sharing – You can start allowing your consumers to take and upload social media photos of themselves wearing your products. Reach expands even more and increased social media visibility consequently increases your sales.

Personalization and immediate notifications

A business that offers a personalized shopping experience will attract more customers. Personalization can be made available based on the user’s preferences, past purchases, location, etc.

When people first use the mobile app, it can assist them in defining their preferences and presenting customized offers. Consumer information can also be used to provide customized offers and discounts via email.

A mobile app helps customers be informed about new orders, stock levels, and other significant occurrences. Additionally, you may engage with your clients, respond to their questions, and be proactive in meeting their needs.

Simple functionality

The store administrator can have complete backend control over the mobile app in addition to the front-end functionality.

The mobile app metrics are simple to understand. To track the data, the owners do not need to have any technological expertise. You can even gain insight into consumer behavior by carefully examining the data.

Installation and configuration of the app made of the Magento store are simple. It does not need to be manually synced with the Magento store.

Hassle-free shopping experience

Preparing for the annual holiday season is one of the main issues faced by owners of retail stores. The outcome of your company’s returns will be decided during this time of year.

Around 64% of online buyers use smartphones and other mobile devices to complete their purchases. During the sale season, mobile websites are more prone to delayed load times, crashes, and other server-related problems.

The mobile app built for Magento is an icebreaker for this sales condition. You can continue to draw in large numbers of online buyers even after the holiday shopping season with its customized purchasing experience.

Lower cart abandonment with app-specific offers

The lengthy checkout procedure on retail websites may be caused by a number of exhausting procedures. Due to this, customers stopped midway through the checkout process even though they initially added the product they wanted.

As a result, the rate of cart abandonment on retail websites rises. However, a Magento 2 mobile app can incorporate the single-page checkout feature.

Customer’s checkout processes are made easier by this feature. So, the rate of cart abandonment can drop considerably.

You may keep your current customers by making app-specific deals to attract them to your app. Such incentives will motivate your current customers to keep using your app.

What is even better is that they will convince more new users to download your app and make use of them. Your business financial position will eventually improve with better app usage by customers.

Effective customer service

To increase the number of devoted customers and clients, it is not enough to merely improve the user experience. It would be great if you could also deliver good customer service. Mobile apps can satisfy this need.

With the help of useful software, customers may totally serve themselves. But if problems arise, customers can handle them independently through online interactions, chatbots, and FAQs.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to provide an email address in the customer support area so that users can get in touch directly.

With correct advice, clients may make purchases quickly and get rapid assistance without leaving the app. They will be less agitated as a result, which will ease the workload on your customer service personnel.

Additionally, the mobile app’s customizing options are best suited for providing customer service. To provide relevant push notifications and coupons, you can continuously gather consumer information.

Final Thoughts

You cannot afford to fall behind when there are clearly millions of apps flooding the market. In addition to improving the shopping experience, a mobile app built for the Magento store will increase the ability to generate revenue.

If you are in favor of creating an app for your store, then keep in mind the above-mentioned advantages. It’s never late to start a good thing, so build an app for your store as soon as possible.


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