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What Strain is Wedding Pie?

 What Strain is Wedding Pie?

A strain is a genetically engineered mixture of different cannabis varieties. As they are typically bred to produce many of the same effects, many of the names for strains are similar or similar-sounding to popular strains. Because strains are genetically modified, it can be difficult for someone who doesn’t know any cannabis to distinguish between strains.

Wedding Pie Strain:

The name of the strain is meant to be a pun of two well-known brands. The wedding pies are wedding cakes and pie, hence the term Wedding Pie. Wedding Cake is the trademark name of Mary Jane’s and Wedding Cake is a fast food chain, which also gets the pun. The original legend goes that the Wedding Pie strain was obtained by pure chance when a cake slice fell out of the cake, landed on a rolling pin, and came to rest in the hands of a baker. It got rolled, came to rest on the baker’s knee, and the baker selected the slice to cross with another strain for a delicious and unique hybrid. Match with a very spicy, fruit-forward high in the morning. Stay away from very heavy smoke at high doses, as this strain can be overpowering.

Smell, Taste, and Effects:

Let’s talk about the smell, taste, and effects of wedding pie weed strain:

  • A sweet, herbal scent that lingers in the nostrils for several minutes
  • Lingering, calming euphoric notes of lavender and bergamot
  • Dank sweet taste with a strong grainy head
  • Tingly, relaxing sensations with a light, sweet, and delicate flavor
  • Strong strength and sweetness at high doses
  • Zoned out and dreamy with profound relaxation

The In-Depth Information:

Let’s get into the in-depth information about wedding pie weed strain:

  • The flowering time of the Wedding Pie strain is a bit shorter than most strains. As such, the flowers of Wedding Pie are less dense and fluffier than many other strains. As such, you’re able to get better micro dosing results than many other strains.
  • You’ll notice a floral and citrusy scent with a slight earthiness. It is sweet but also has a bit of a bite to it.
  • The flowers also have a very soft, rounded white “cake” shape. They are slightly smaller than a medjool date and are about one-quarter inch across. These crystals of pure honey crisp fruit smell deliciously sweet with a mild citrus scent that lingers on the nose for a long time.
  • You’ll also notice a very slight, grassy note that slightly tempers the sweetness of the honey crisp, as well as some slight green, or grassy, characteristics that are actually quite subtle.
  • The base notes of the cake are a solid, sweet and balanced flavor that is accentuated by the floral, citrusy and grassy notes.
  • On the inhale, there is a sweet, lingering, sweet honey crisp fruitiness with a faint resinous aroma. As the flower is brought into the mouth, it takes on a light floral tang with some grassiness, which combines to form a sweet and slightly bitter taste.
  • As the flower becomes more active, it also becomes sweeter and more resinous, with the sour note coming from the resin developing into the honey and resinous notes.
  • After the flower is finished, it releases a mildly buzzed, green and sweet smoke that lingers on the lungs for a while, but mellows out after a minute or two.
  • The taste is sweet and tart, with some grassy and resinous flavors mixed in. It is not overpowering but rather delicate, yet it is also definitely not a mellow strain. It has a very strong, but still well-balanced buzz.

As a fun fact, the “Wedding Pie” strain name is a combination of the now-famous and controversial Australian ice cream brand and the Happy Wedding Band, a heavy metal band from Australia. Some takers may enjoy the medicinal notes and unique flavor of this strain, but this is not one of those strains. As it is indica dominant, it can be powerfully energetic, but it also presents a lot of medicinal effects.

Medical Benefits of Wedding Pie Strain:

The wedding pie strain is known for its strong, uplifting and uplifting effect. Known for its zoned-out and comfy high and amazing, effective cannabis-medicine at very low doses. It is an excellent choice for any strain users looking for quality strains with potent cannabis-medicine at very low doses, and those looking for low THC strains that are great for patients who need THC with little to no body-unsettling effects.

  • Easy to inhale and have for both medicinal and recreational use. The wedding pie weed strain is popular for both medicinal and recreational use, particularly when it is used by customers who suffer from pain, nausea or other symptoms. For recreational users, it can also be great for sleep and relaxation. It can be the perfect strain for almost anyone, especially if you like having a relaxed day that starts out with feeling very energetic.
  • Known for a reliable therapeutic effect, with psychoactivity comparable to other indicas but without the anxiety or body-unsettling qualities of the more popular sativas. Known to be very mild-tasting for this type of cannabis, with a gentler effect and a pleasant body high that is enjoyable without giving the stoner a false sense of its strength.
  • For medicinal users, it’s the perfect strain for high-weight patients looking for effective cannabis-medicine at very low doses. The flowers of wedding pie strain are slow-flowering, very small and have a light vegetal aroma. It is quite aromatic and more like a skunky, marmalade-like flower rather than a strong pine or citrus, making it very easy to breathe in. This is a very patient-friendly strain.
  • This is a mild-tasting, fluffy and dense strain that is an excellent choice for cannabis novices or cancer patients needing medicinal cannabis. It’s easy to grow and you don’t have to worry about having to trim it yourself and cause damage to it by trying to trim it.

If you want to give an indica a more marijuana-like taste, you can expect a more pleasant taste and skunkier flavor. If you want a strain with a more common medical feel, you can expect the flower to have a bigger profile, less dense and more like a honeycomb. The wedding pie strain should be used by medicinal cannabis patients with restless sleep.

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