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What Should You Expect Before Undergoing Chevy Chase Rhinoplasty?

 What Should You Expect Before Undergoing Chevy Chase Rhinoplasty?

The most prominent feature of your face is the nose. Indeed, it is the nose that is noticed immediately. Unfortunately, a defect on the nose becomes apparent and you have no ways to hide it from the public eye. Well, this is not quite true, either. You can always decide in favor of a nose correction surgery otherwise known as Rhinoplasty or a nose job. It is not a decision to be made by yourself though.

Consult with a doctor competent in cosmetic surgery and follow the advice. You will be pleased to find your nose appears smaller/bigger and pert as per your desire. There! You have now improved your appearance courtesy Chevy Chase Rhinoplasty.

Sure, you will be asked closely about your intention before the surgeon is ready to perform such a surgery. However, the medical professional may consider Rhinoplasty essential for the treatment. In other words, you will have to go through nose surgery if you damage in an accident or have been surviving so far with breathing issues.

After the surgery is scheduled, it is necessary to visit the surgeon at the related clinic or anywhere else as directed.

Some of the things that are sure to be checked and observed well in advance of rhinoplasty are:-

  • Medical History- The surgeon will question you closely about the purpose of going through the concerned procedure. Your medical history will be discussed in length where you will be asked to mention all past ailments and instances of breathing issues due to obstruction in the nasal passage. You will have to provide a list of the medications that you take at present and mention surgeries that you may have had earlier. Particularly crucial are bleeding issues. So come clean and discuss whether you tend to bleed profusely after suffering a cut or injury. Clotting issues are regarded to be serious too.
  • Physical examination- You will be examined at close quarters with the professional being anxious to check the inside of your nose. There may be multiple diagnostic tests to take thereafter. The doctor/surgeon will note the thickness of your skin as well as the toughness of the cartilage at the end of the nose. The impact that rhinoplasty may have on your breathing pattern is studied carefully too.
  • Expectations- Admittedly, you have agreed to go through the surgical procedure based on a few expectations. Be sure to reveal your expectations and discuss your motivation for having a nose job done. You will have the medical professional explain the entire procedure to you. You, thus, end up knowing what will be done to your nose. Be prepared to learn about the associated risks and recovery process as well. Keep a note of the dos and don’ts to reduce stress and anxiety afterward.

You will find the competent surgeon roped in to perform Chevy Chase rhinoplasty and photograph your nose from all possible angles. You may be asked to comment on before-surgery and after-surgery images to find a shape that appeals to you. Remember to have realistic expectations, however.

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