• June 21, 2024

What is the UNI Credit Card’s Split Billing Option?

 What is the UNI Credit Card’s Split Billing Option?

The RBL Bank, State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), and Liquiloans collaborated to launch the UNI Credit Card. It is absolutely free because there is no joining cost or annual fee. The Uni Card was created to help customers pay off their credit card payments in three months without incurring interest charges. It also includes various other perks such as cashback, rewards, worldwide acceptance, and so forth. Keep reading the article to understand “What is the Split Bill Feature of UNI Credit Card”?

Are the UNI Card Benefits worthwhile?

UNI Card is a game-changing product in the credit card industry. It offers many of the same advantages as a credit card. It quickly became a household name after its initial release and has aided a vast number of people thus far. Uni Card has no membership fee and no annual fees, making the credit card free for life. It has been really beneficial for individuals to make the most of it. Furthermore, with the help of the UNI Card, you can pay off your debts in three installments over the course of three months.

It was established to provide individuals exclusive benefits such as up to 1% cash back on all transactions and 5x reward points at the UNI Store. The UNI Credit Card has aided customers who are new to credit cards by providing credit limits ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 6 lakh. It is further accepted by over 99.9% of shops in India. Since the credit card comes with no markup fees, you can go anywhere in the world. With all of these considerations, we can conclude that the Uni Card is worthwhile to purchase. It has shown to be an excellent alternative to other credit cards in the competition.

What are the UNI Card Eligibility Requirements?

As per the UNI Card Eligibility criteria, the applicant should need to be an Indian citizen. To apply for a credit card, the candidate must be at least 18 years old. However, before applying, you should examine and evaluate your CIBIL score. Because your CIBIL score is an important aspect in determining whether you are eligible for a loan or not.

How does the UNI Card’s Split Bill feature set it apart?

Credit cards are exciting until we have to pay them off. It has become difficult for people to pay off their credit card payments at any moment. Given that the One Credit Card has been introduced. It has evolved into the best credit card that assists people in paying their expenses.

The UNI Credit Card comes with a pay ⅓ facility.  It allows you to divide your expense into three equal installments and pay it off in three months. The UNI Card’s split bill payment feature distinguishes it from the competition. You may now shop without worrying about expenses and pay it off in three equal installments over the next three months. It makes people’s lives easier and less stressful.


The UNI Credit Card is distinctive in its own way due to the features it includes. It allows you to obtain immediate credit with no difficulty. Furthermore, obtaining a UNI Credit Card is an entirely digital process. It saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on paperwork. You can use the UNI Card to track your spending and determine where you spend the most. It aids in money management, resulting in the reduction of unnecessary expenses. Obtaining the UNI Card is a straightforward process that may be completed in 5 minutes after completing the application. Furthermore, if you did not divide your bill and paid it in one month, you would receive 1% cashback.


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