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What is Division in Math?

Here’s an example: you have 12 donuts and want to share them with three pals.

The question is how to determine an equitable distribution of resources.

Give each of your pals a donut.

The division is dividing a set of items into equal portions.

Part of the “big four” of arithmetic, gives a reasonable solution to the problem of equal distribution.

What Is The Mathematical Concept Of Division?

Similar to how multiplication is the opposite of division.

Multiplying three sets of four yields 12, and dividing that total by three equal parts results in groups of four.

The primary objective of any fair division is to determine the number of groups formed or the number of people in each group.

So, if you want to divide up a dozen doughnuts into three equal piles, as seen above, you’ll need to divide each pile by four.

This means that if we divide 12 by 3, we get 4.

Dividing in Mathematical Notation

Various signs can be used to indicate division, such as



For example:

27 ÷ 3



Numbers in a Division Equation Have Fun Names

In a division equation, there is a name for each factor.

  • Whenever you divide a number,  you say it as “divided by” the dividend.
  • The number used to divide in calculating the dividend is known as the divisor.
  • The quotient is the numerical remainder after a division operation.
  • In the end, there are just some things that defy neat division. Perhaps there will be some spare figures. The term “remainder” describes the remaining digits.

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