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What Are The Most Significant Benefits Of Undergoing TMS Therapy Right Now?

 What Are The Most Significant Benefits Of Undergoing TMS Therapy Right Now?

TMS (Transcranial magnetic stimulation) happens to be one effective option for you to consider in case you are trying to come across the right treatment for your depressive disorders. Being endorsed by the FDA, TMS therapy is quite safe as well. On most occasions, it is considered to be quite risk-free as compared to other treatment methods available out there. It can prove to be effective in case you have tried antidepressants and have not got any effective results from them.

What Are The Benefits Of TMS Treatment?

While performing this treatment, magnetic waves will be sent to a particular portion of the brain which is responsible for controlling our disposition. As mentioned earlier, TMS treatment will prove to be effective in case other treatment methods such as antidepressants have failed to provide the desired results. On some occasions, doctors recommend combining TMS with other treatments like antidepressants and psychotherapy to provide the patient with a better treatment plan. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have articulated the most notable benefits of undergoing TMS therapy at present.

Absence Of Any Side Effects

By the term antidepressants, we refer to an extensive range of medications available on the market. However, the side effects caused by these medications can be quite annoying for many individuals. Antidepressants can lead to several side effects including:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • insomnia
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • low libido

According to a recent study, approximately 60% of individuals who were not experiencing any reduction in their symptoms after using antidepressants have reported experiencing no symptoms at all or fewer symptoms after undergoing TMS therapy. This will be a better option for you in case you have not got the desired results after using these medications and have also suffered from side effects. Even though most individuals will not experience any side effects, some might be struggling with mild or tingling headaches, and that’s all! Moreover, these side effects will be fading away within a couple of weeks following the treatment.

Effective Long-Term Solution

There is no doubt about the fact that TMS can be quite effective when it comes to fighting depressive disorders. Furthermore, only one round of treatment will be required by the patients on most occasions for getting the desired outcomes. It will be advisable for the patients to get their conditions checked at the interval of six months following the TMS therapy. The patient will feel the effects of this treatment for quite some time, and he might require additional treatment if the need arises in the future.

You Will Be Able To Drive Following The Treatment

One significant benefit of undergoing TMS treatment will be that there is no reason for you not to drive after getting this therapy. On the other hand, you might be suffering from exhaustion and drowsiness after using certain medications which will not allow you to drive whatsoever. In that case, it might be imperative for your friend or household member to drive the vehicle on your behalf following the infusion. It is a fact that TMS therapy might eliminate the requirement for medications such as antidepressants. This will be applicable in case you are combining this treatment with modifications in your lifestyle as well as psychotherapy.

Most individuals will not be responding to antidepressants in the same manner, and medication is considered to be the right approach for some people out there. Despite the fact that TMS therapy is considered to be effective and risk-free for most individuals out there, it is not applicable to everybody. It will be advisable for your physician to review your health history and symptoms before figuring out which particular treatment will be appropriate in your case.

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