• February 8, 2023

What Are the Differences Between a Press Brake and a Bending Machine?

We understand that sometimes having the right knowledge can be very difficult and this is because most people do not have a lot of technical knowledge as well. However, at the same time when you are investing in such technical parts then having good knowledge about the difference between press brakes and bending machines is crucial as well. 

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Understanding The Purpose of A Press Brake

To give you a clearer perspective of what is the difference the first thing that you need to do is have a good knowledge about what is a press brake. The major purpose of the press brake is to make sure that it can aid in bending the sheet metal and that too in a much more precise format. 

This is used entirely for industrial reasons and it does make the job much easier as well. When we talk about the press brake, a very important thing that you need to focus on is the quality of the same. If that is not up to the mark there are high chances that it would not last you long enough. 

If we go by the structure of the press brake then a significant structure for the same is that it is narrow and long in structure. Why so? The major purpose of the same is that it helps one to bend metal sheets no matter what the structure is. 

You will notice that for the press brake the sheet metal is bent and that too happens by lowering a punch and that too in the sheet metal. You can choose to bend the metal numerous times and that too to make sure that the desired level of bent can be achieved very easily.

There are different types of press brakes as well and hence the usage of the same tends to vary as well. Our job at Alt Parts is to make sure that we can get you the best trumpf spare parts that are used and hence you can choose the source the same for us. 

Understanding The Intricacies of the Bending Machine

Now that we have a basic understanding of the press brake, it is important that we talk about the bending machine as well. The bending machine is regarded as a forming machine tool and its use of the same is a bit more different than the regular press brakes. 

The basic job of the bending machine is to make sure that it can process the sheet metal and that too without any kind of clamping tool involved. The device will not move during the entire process and this is what works to be extremely convenient as well. 

When we talk about the bending machine, there are various types of the same and consequently, the purpose tends to vary as well. This includes pipe bending machines, sheet metal bending machines, sheet folding machines, mechanical bending machines as well as electric pipe bending machines. 

Difference Between the Press Brakes and The Bending Machine

As you might have already understood from the description, there are major points of difference between the two. These include

  • Function: The press brake can work only as a press and the functionality is restricted to that only. However, when we talk about the bending machine it can function both as a press as well as a bending machine. 
  • Usage of Tool Changes: The press brake cannot function without the tool change however, for the bending machine that is not the case.
  • Movement of the Long Sheets: For the press brake the long sheet tends to move in a rapid fashion. The sheet is bent in a natural attitude and that too in the case of the bending machine. 

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