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         Wavlink AC1200 Setup and Access Point Setup Guide 

          Wavlink AC1200 Setup and Access Point Setup Guide 

Having any trouble performing Wavlink AC1200 Setup or Access Point Setup? If so, the solution is here. In this technical guide, we will be solving your Wavlink AC1200 and AP setup issues. Keep reading till the end of this post to find the right solution. 

Before we move to the troubleshooting part, you must understand the difference between a Range Extender and Access Point. 

What is a WiFi Range Extender? 

A WiFi Range Extender (commonly called Range Extender and Signal Extender) is a wireless device that increases the network range of a router. It also amplifies the amplitude of your WiFi system. At its core, it is a network solution for homeowners and can connect to up to 20 devices. 

A Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Extender is capable of reducing and eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots even in a three-story building. However, the placement of the Extender and Router should be perfect. 

What is Access Point (AP) and How is it Distinct From Range Extender? 

Access Point (AP) is quite similar to Range Extenders, but there are some clear differences between these devices. They are responsible for creating a wireless local area network (WLAN), especially in commercial places, large buildings, and outdoors. You can install an Access Point close to the area where the signal strength is very low to receive the signal.

For example, in a three-story building, if the router is placed on the ground floor, there will certainly be network and signal issues on the second floor. To establish a WLAN, you can install a Wavlink Access Point on the second floor. The Access Point will link the router via an ethernet cable. In this way, you will receive the signal steadily and in a great amount on the second floor of the building. 

It is important to complete the AP Setup Wavlink as you can not enjoy the network without completing this process. Find the setup instructions in the manual you will get along with the Wavlink Access Point. 

Major Differences Between Range Extenders and Access Points 

As explained above in this post, range extenders extend the network of a router but it is useful only for homeowners due to their limitations. Its network expansion capacity is limited to 2,500 sq. ft. of area. Coming to the connection limit, this device can connect to up to 20 Wi-Fi systems. Access Points, on the other hand, have broader network expansion capacity and can connect up to 60 devices, depending on their models. 

Other differences between these devices include the distinction in efficiency, cost, and functionalities. 

Wavlink AC1200 Setup Process

Although the Wavlink AC1200 Setup Process is super simple, many users find it difficult to perform it after getting it home. Find out the various setup methods to complete your Wavlink AC1200 configuration below. 

WPS Setup (One-Button Configuration) 

This method doesn’t require much effort from your side and therefore it is called one-button configuration. To perform Wavlink AC1200 Setup using this method, you simply need to follow the steps arranged below. 

  • Plug in the Extender to a Power Source (Keep the Router Close to the Extender)
  • Wait for the Power LED to Turn On
  • Press the WPS Button on the Router First and Wait For a Couple of Minutes 
  • Once the Signal LED Turns Solid Blue, Press the WPS Button on the Extender As Well
  • See If the Signal LED Turns Solid Blue, the Connection is Established

You can now enjoy an extended network to any corner of your home. In case you find it difficult to complete this process, check the Wavlink AC1200 Router manual that you can find within your extender box. You will get detailed information on the configuration process within it. 

Configure Your Extender Using Wavlink Web Management Page 

In some cases, you won’t be able to configure your Wavlink Extender using the WPS method. This is especially when:

  • Your router doesn’t have a WPS function by default
  • The WPS method doesn’t work properly or takes too long

You can configure your device both using the wired and wireless methods when considering the web management page login option. 

If you choose the wired method, you simply need to connect your extender to the router via an ethernet cable. You will be able to use an extended internet connection right after that. On the other hand, if you go with the wireless setup option, you need to follow the steps arranged below.

  • Look at the label attached to the extender and find the SSID and password.
  • Head over to your computer, find out the network from the network list, and connect to it.
  • The extender network will show up as “WAVLINK-N or WAVLINK-AC.”
  • Next, head over to wifi.wavlink.com and log in to the admin panel using the credential provided to you either on the bottom of the extender or in the manual.
  • Once you complete the process, you are all set to use an extended network throughout your home. 

Access Point AP Setup Wavlink


Some Access Points have a WPS button while others don’t have it. If your Wavlink Access Point has a WPS button on it, the WPS configuration process will be the same as we explained above. In case, there is no WPS button on your Access Point, you can use the wired and wireless methods that we mentioned for extenders. There are no different processes to configure Wavlink extenders and Access Points. 

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