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Vastu For Home Entrance – What To Check, Why To Check & How

 Vastu For Home Entrance – What To Check, Why To Check & How

Our home’s entrance is equivalent to a mouth on a human body. Similar to how our bodies develop and keep their health in line with what we ingest through our mouths, the type of energy that enters our home through the main door determines its growth and well-being.

Therefore, we must be careful when purchasing a house and pick one with the best entrance. The correct course of action is to talk to a Vastu Consultant who can assess whether or not the entry will be advantageous. But if that’s not possible for you soon, there are a few things you can check yourself.

Here’s What To Check In Vastu For A Home’s Entrance Before Purchasing It

The Location Of The Entrance

Do you know not all East-facing homes are great and not all South-facing homes are bad? Yet, many people believe so. The first thing you need to do when checking the Vastu of a home’s entrance is to let go of such myths from your mind. Next, hire a Vastu expert to pinpoint the exact location of the main door. At times, our regular compass (even if it’s digital) may not show the precisely correct degree at which the door opens. Magnetic compasses can easily get affected by the presence of iron around (cars) or high voltage power lines and even small batteries. And a digital compass may have calibration issues or software bugs. The Vastu expert will tell you the accurate location of the entrance, and that will help you analyze the Vastu of the house better.

Whether You Can Place Plants There Or Not

Once you know the precise location of the entrance, you can find many other things. For instance, you can find out if you can place plants and create a garden near the main door. Most of us love to have a garden near the main door. It not only makes our entrance beautiful but gives it a positive vibe. However, your plants may not survive well if the entrance is in the South or West, as these directions do not get enough sunlight. Before buying a house, you should know where your garden and plants would be, so this is a must to find out.

What All You Need To Change Or Alter


  1. If you have an entrance in the unfavourable parts of the South direction, you will need to add an entryway in any other direction, which would incur construction costs. Also, you need to ensure there is no water body (water tank or borewell) in front of the entrance, or you will need to change its position after you buy.
  2. Check the colours of the entrance and main door. You may need to change them if they are not Vastu-compliant. 
  3. For South-facing homes, shades of red in the entrance are good. For the North, shades of blue should be the choice. In the West and East, shades of white and green (respectively) would be okay. 
  4. Check the material of the main door. You may need to change it if it’s not Vastu-compliant.

What if you want to check the Vastu for the home entrance of the house you are currently living in?

Check the following:

The Look And Appeal Of The Entrance

The main door entryway of any house should be pleasing to the eyes. For instance, it should not have any chipped patches on the walls. It should have beautiful door hangings, bright lighting, and a sweet-sounding doorbell.

The State Of Plants In The Entryway

If your entrance is in the South or West, avoid placing plants there. Those with North or East facing main doors should ensure the plants they keep at the entrance are lush green and lively. If they are drying or dead, the plants should be quickly removed. 

The State Of Cleanliness In The Entryway

Any broken planters, dried leaf door hangings or flower garlands, trash or clutter, should be instantly removed from the entryway. It should have a clean-looking doormat and should get dusted regularly.

The Colours Of The Entrance And Main Door

Paint the walls and planters in the entryway in colours that suit that direction. As we mentioned before, the South facing entrance should have shades of pink, red, maroon etc. Similarly, the North facing entrance should have shades of blue or grey. South-West should have yellow or gold accents. And the North-West will do better with white.

You should ensure that even the colours and material used on the main door are according to Vastu.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the primary things you need to check when ensuring that the entrance of a home is Vastu-compliant. Make sure you use a high-quality compass and find the directions with it from the centre of the house. Remember, there are many things you need to take care of – from directions to colours, plants to water tanks. So, it would be better – less time-consuming and easier to consult an expert. 

Now, you don’t need to go searching for a Vastu consultant in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or wherever you live. The experts at Vaastu Devayah Namah provide inexpensive Vastu consultations online.

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