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Types of Fencing Materials You Should Know About

 Types of Fencing Materials You Should Know About

If you are remodeling your house or backyard, fencing is perhaps one of the top priorities. A quality fence will enhance the look and appeal of the house in addition to providing privacy and security. However, nowadays, there is a myriad of options you can choose from.

Starting from the materials used to the design, you should pick a fence that fits your needs perfectly. While it might seem like an easy choice, it becomes quite confusing for a layman to make the right choice. Keeping both the design and practicality of the fence in mind, here are mentioned some common types you can look through.

Wood Fences:

Perhaps the most common type of fencing in the world today, quality wood fencing is versatile and can surely fit the look of your house. The highest-grade wood fences that a top fencing company in Jacksonville, FL is always rated clearly closely followed with premium, standard, quality, and selection.

When compared to wood alternatives, Lumbar has a huge following since it is reasonable, easy to stain and seal, and retains finish quite well. Some of the most common kinds of wood fences include

Cedar Wood

  • Has high moisture, insect and rot resistance
  • Easy to stain and seal
  • Can weather to gray if left untreated

Red Wood

  • Resistant towards rot and insects
  • Absorbs all kinds of finishes and retains it well

Southern Pine

  • Needs treatment for outdoor use
  • Needs treatment for resistance to termites and rot


Vinyl Fences:

Vinyl fencing is the second most common type, mainly because of its durability. It is plastic-based, which also means that cleaning it is easier than ever. All you need to do is hose it down, and all the dirt just comes off.

Although it has a higher initial cost than wood, it will surely last you a long time. It has low maintenance, saving you costs in the long run, and does not require any staining or painting. It also comes with pre-assembled parts making it easier to install. It also comes with matching gates that uplift the overall look of your home.

Composite Fences:

If you are looking for a wooden look but do not have a high budget, you can go for composite fences. These fences are made with a mixture of plastic, resin and wood. However, the price does not say anything about the quality of this fence. This fence will surely last you a long time.

It is heavyweight and often contains recycled wood fibers, so it is more eco-friendly as well. A composite fence will give your house a more organic look with natural stone and wood finishes. These fences are also quite versatile, so you do not have to worry about them fitting your home’s aesthetics.

These are the three most commonly bought fencing materials you can choose from. All these three materials will give you immense value for money. If you are looking for the best quality fencing, Silverman Fence is a great service provider to choose from.

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