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Top Ways Online BI SQL Generation Can Be A Value-Add

 Top Ways Online BI SQL Generation Can Be A Value-Add

 Business Intelligence tools transform raw data into useful information that businesses can use to take decisions. These tools allow developers to perform ETL, i.e., extract, transform and load operations on data residing in data warehouses. Once ETL is over, you can use tools to design performance metrics, enterprise reporting, data analytics, and knowledge management from the new database. 

 However, designing the new database is a tedious process. You need to start from scratch unless you take recourse to use the latest online tools for speedy deployment of databases.  

BI SQL Generation 

In designing a database from the existing data warehouse, you need to generate SQL data for the new database or write codes anew. There are online BI SQL Generation tools that can help you generate SQL scripts from the existing database; you don’t need to write a single line of coding. You can develop the entire database online and then use BI tools to generate SQL queries for various business performance parameters. 

Designing A Database

 Database designing is a complicated process. There are sophisticated tools with a range of functionalities that help to develop a database. You can divide the process into the following:

  •Tools for creating and editing database objects,

• Tools for modeling database architecture

• Tools for visualizing the database schema

• Tools for tracking the relationship between different entities in the database

• Tools for grouping relevant entities into logical clusters

Database Designer Tools and BI SQL Generation 

Users can build data models and generate DDL scripts using online tools. The scripts so generated describe the data and the relations between various entities in the database. You can also reverse engineer the database using these tools and create the data model from the SQL script.

Factors To Consider While Designing A Database 

Once you have got the tools, you need to consider the following aspects for creating a database:-

• Proper design of the data structure using the existing entity relationship diagram

• Establishing the kind of data to be stored in an object

Database Designing In Ecommerce

Designing databases for eCommerce is a difficult job. There is a deluge of data in such a scenario. While designing a database you need to keep this dynamism in mind. However, online BI SQL generation can be pretty helpful. You don’t need to write any code to design a new database. Indeeddatabase designing without writing any code can be very helpful.


 Designing a database is a difficult job; it is more so if it is an eCommerce setup. However, there are online tools that can help you ease the burden. They can help you with automatic BI SQL Generation. You can develop a database without writing any code. Also, you can compare SQL changes online. This can help you improve your database design efficiency. You can copy the existing Entity Relationship Diagram and the data model. This makes it easy to visualize complex data schema. You can find several such systems online. However, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your job. 

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