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Top Tire Brands in Abu Dhabi

 Top Tire Brands in Abu Dhabi

When talking about car performance and longevity, the very first thing that comes to mind is the quality of car tires. The reason is that tires are directly linked with the standing and running of the car on all types of roads. Therefore, people focus on buying branded tires that can perfectly suit their car’s size and shape. 


Various tire shops are providing huge collections of tires in Abu Dhabi and other states of the UAE. However, the selection of a credible platform is essential to buy good-quality tires at cheap rates. Therefore, our teams of experts always recommend asking for referrals, deep searching, and performing credibility checks to approach a reliable platform. 

Top Tire Brands 

Most people failed to buy quality tires because of unawareness of famous tire brands, their specifications, and price ranges. Therefore, we have listed here all the top tire brands available in both physical and online tire stores in Abu Dhabi with their features. 

  1. Goodyear Tires 

One of the most famous tire brands in Abu Dhabi is Goodyear tires which are best for a dry ride experience. They are known for their credibility and durability around the world. Their exciting features that win customers’ trust are listed below; 

  • Incredible traction on all types of roads 
  • One tread design for improved handling 
  • Enhanced resistance 
  • Better grip on wet roads 
  • 6 years life span 
  • Guaranteed to last for 80,000 miles  


     2. Yokohama Tires 

The most popular and emerging name in the world of best tires is Yokohama tires. They provide excellent performance on all types of roads but are more suitable on dry roads. Users of this brand can enjoy the following features. 

  • Zero noise 
  • Extra smooth drive 
  • Comfortable handling and balance 
  • Higher resistance on wet and slippery toads 
  • Wide edges for corner braking 
  • Incredible traction and grip on all roads 
  • Excellent and long-lasting performance in both on and off-road experience 


     3. Bridgestone Tires 

These types of tires are also included in the race for quality and durability. Their exciting features are listed below; 


  • Wide patterns that provide greater traction 
  • Incredible resistance on all roads 
  • Better handling and balance due to improved tread design 


      4. Toyo Tires 

Globally trusted and highly demanding Toyo tires are also included in the list of top tire brands in Abu Dhabi and other states of the UAE. They are the best choice to experience comfortable and smooth roughness on dry, wet, and even uneven surfaces. Their features include; 


  • Open tread walls to enhance traction 
  • Aggressive side walls that promote grip and smooth running 
  • Polygonal blocks for balance and corner braking 
  • Highly durable 
  • Minimum external noise 

In A Nutshell 

All these tire brands are popular for their strength, reliability, and economic rates not only in Abu Dhabi but all around the world. From traction to corner brakes and tackling all types of roads to a comfortable ride, they provide unlimited benefits. Therefore, they are worth considering when buying new tires for your car. 


Make sure to select a credible platform with excellent customer service and cheap rates. It will not save you time and money but will also eliminate the risk of scams or fraud.

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