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Top Ten Reasons Why You Need a BaBylissPro Trimmer for Barber Shop

 Top Ten Reasons Why You Need a BaBylissPro Trimmer for Barber Shop

You can always retain clients and grow your business with the best hair-cutting tools. The best trimmer or clipper helps you prioritize your client’s hair needs, even when creating unique designs with finer lines. With numerous brands to choose trimmers from, selecting the best match may range from days to weeks.

BaBylissPro is one of the reputable brands with over 50 years of experience crafting professional styling tools. Any barbershop or groomer looking to improve their services should consider getting one of these trimmers. 

Here are ten more reasons why barbershops need BaBylissPro trimmers:

1. Longer Battery Life

One of the scariest moments for barbers is when a trimmer goes off while shaving. A trimmer that runs out of charge quickly is bad for business, especially when handling more sessions in a day. The BaBylissPro trimmers use lithium-ion cells with longer battery life than standard trimmers. While most rechargeable batteries go flat within 30 to 60 minutes, these batteries last for two to three hours straight.

2. Wider Blade Mouth

A great trimmer cuts a wider area within a short time. BaBylissPro trimmers come in different variations, but most have wider blade mouths. Barbers and groomers using this trimmer can cut a bigger portion of hair in one stroke. The wide mouth also cuts down on time spent trimming hair while keeping the process simple and precise.

3. Higher Cutting Power

BaBylissPro uses a Ferrari-design motor which delivers more power than any standard machine. With such a powerhouse, barbers can also cut bulk hair without the trimmer overheating. These trimmers are durable and long-lasting, ideal for barbershops with everyday clients. With up to 7200 blade movements per minute on the BaBylissPRO Gold FX Outliner Skeleton Trimmer, detailing hair only gets easier and faster. The high-torque digital motor also has a long service life, and with proper care of the trimmer, it can stay in great shape for a long time.

4. Multiple Length Options

Barber shops always consider the length options in a trimmer before buying one. Different length options on a particular model give barbers and groomers the flexibility to cut hair at varying lengths. With BaBylissPro trimmers, barbers can use 5-8 length options for much-needed trimming control. The trimmer has various attachments for manipulating depth and details while cutting hair.

5. Durable and Tough Blades

BaBylissPro trimmers have unique blade finishes for durability purposes. The blades are either graphite or titanium coated to keep them strong and reliable even after hundreds of cycles. Titanium-coated blades are easier to use and can go on for years without replacement. These blades also smoothly glide across the skin when trimming hair without disturbing the skin.

6. Higher Returns on Investment

Given the price tag of BaBylissPro trimmers, barbers and stylists should expect higher returns on investment when using them. These trimming tools rarely break down and are easy to maintain. The high-power motor and long-lasting batteries ensure consistent and reliable services to clients. Any barber shop using a BaBylissPro trimmer will eventually see profits grow due to improved customer satisfaction.

7. Strong and Durable Construction

One outstanding feature of the BaBylissPro trimmer is that the housing is entirely metal. The body has a knurled barbell non-slip grip for easy hand movements when shaving. Even with an all-metal casing, the trimmer rarely gets hot after operating for hours. This construction also improves the reliability and precision of the machine, with zero gap adjustment to create fine lines when styling the hair.

8. Superior Ergonomics

Besides power and performance, BaBylissPro trimmers are stylistic, with superior ergonomics. They can comfortably stay in hand, with angles for achieving precise cuts. They can easily accommodate different attachments for a complete hair grooming routine. These features make the BaBylissPro FX Trimmer more effective for creating fine 5 o’clock shadow fades on all hair types.

9. Excellent Heat Resistance

Although barbers generally prefer trimmers with more power, these tools generate unbearable heat. Groomers started using cooling spray and other accessories to cool down the machines. In addition, brands like BaBylissPro have significantly maximized heat resistance on their trimmers and blades, despite having Ferrari technology motors. These powerful motors are brushless, meaning they produce less heat.

10. Lightweight and Silent Designs

BaBylissPro trimmers are great for detailed and precise hair cutting, particularly in hard-to-reach areas. The lightweight nature of these tools makes them perfect for close shaves to get a clean beard. The BaBylissPRO SilverFX Trimmer allows barbers to easily carve complex designs on the hair over extended periods without overworking the wrist and hands. They are silent and great for maintaining a quiet environment without disturbing others in the room.

BaBylissPro trimmers come in different shapes, designs and materials for all hair-cutting purposes. Investing in one of these would easily transform the quality of hair designs, with easy control for cutting stray hair protruding from the edges. The machines are available in kits or as single units for professional grooming.

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