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5 Top Car Detailing Mistakes You Should Avoid

 5 Top Car Detailing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Today we’re going to discuss the top car detailing mistakes that I have witnessed in the with people that have washed clean cars and also mistakes that I have made until I learnt the proper way to do things.

So you can improve your detailing game and make sure you’re washing your car and cleaning it properly.

These are 5 car detailing mistakes you should avoid

Mistake 1 – Washing Your Car in Direct Sunlight

Now, the first mistake I want to talk about today is washing your car in direct sunlight light.

And the reason why that is a bad thing to do is one, when you first spray your car with water, that water is going to dry, which is going to create water spots.

It’s not going to get rid of any of that dirt because it’s going to read dry back to that surface.

And then when you wash your car with soap and you put that soap on the surface to lift that dirt up off the paint to rinse it off, that soap will now dry back onto the paint, creating the same problem that you had in the first place.

Like I mentioned earlier, the water spots can etch into your paint.

They can cause a bigger issue than you can imagine.

With hard water especially, it’s just something you want to avoid.

So after you drive your car for a while, if your car is hot and warmed up, let your car sit, let it cool down before you wash your car.

Mistake 2 – Washing Your Car From Bottom to Top

One of the biggest mistakes that you don’t want to do is start washing from the bottom of your car

You always want to start washing your car from the top to the bottom.

You also want to make sure you do the front first and rear last.

And the main reason is, you have more and more dirt, road grime, debris, bugs as you get lower in the car.

If you ever notice when you wash your car, your roof, trunk and top of the hood is least dirty part of your car.

So by doing those first, you’re not transferring any of that lower dirt onto your sponge and carrying it to the top of the car

Mistake 3 – Washing in Circular Motions

Now, other mistake I typically see and that you want to avoid is you want to make sure you do not wash your car in circular motions or against the air flow across your vehicle.

Now, let me explain.

When you’re driving down the road and you’re going through the air, the air is coming over your front bumper, over the roof of the car, over the trunk, and over the top or across the sides.

And if you wash your car up and down or in circular motions, any of the dirt or dust that goes across your car’s paint is going in the direction across your car.

Now, if you wash it this way, you’re creating additional scratches in the opposite direction.

And that is what is causing those swirl marks. That’s what they’re called, swirl marks is when you see that swirling type effect of scratches on a car’s paint

Whereas if you wash it in the direction of air flow across your vehicle, you minimize that risk.

Mistake 4 – Forgetting to Vacuum Under the Seats

While cleaning the car seats, many people only vacuum the top of the seats.

But what about underneath the seats?

The biggest suggestion that I’ve always talked about is removing the seats from your car while cleaning.

You will be amazed at the type of stuff I personally find underneath.

Even on a used car that’s in good condition, the amount of crap that you can find underneath the seat.

Because when you’re driving between the center console and the seat, you’ll have stuff that falls between there.

When you’re getting out on the other side, that stuff gets accumulated underneath your seat without you even knowing.

And that is a big portion of the car that if you keep clean, it’s just an added little benefit.

Always make sure when you’re vacuuming your car you get the tiny hose attachment. This one does a great job at getting into those tight spots between your center or console, and also underneath your seat.

So lift your seat up as high as it can, move it forward and back, tilt it every which direction, so that way you have as much room underneath as possible to get all of those crumbs and all of that dirt.

Mistake 5 – Not Getting Your Car Ceramic Coated

Ceramic coatings is still gaining popularity in the Indian market.

But still many car owners are not aware of the benefits it brings to your car and how easy it becomes to maintain a car after ceramic coating

One of the main benefits of ceramic coating is that it creates a hydrophobic layer on the surface of the paint, which makes the water and dirt repelled rather than being absorbed.

This makes it easier to clean your car because dirt and grime don’t have a chance to stick to the surface of your car’s paint .

Additionally, the coating helps to prevent small scratches and swirl marks from appearing on the paint, which means your car will look better for longer.

While ceramic coating is not a replacement for regular washing and maintenance, it can make the process easier and help you to maintain your car’s appearance over time.

But make sure you get your car ceramic coated from a trusted detailing studio (Btw if you reside in Indore, then feel free to visit CarzSpa Indore studio to get best car ceramic coating in Indore)


As a car owner everyone wants their ride to look brand new, but in the process of maintaining your car we make these mistakes that can take always from your car’s beauty

Make sure you avoid these car detailing mistakes and enjoy driving your beautiful car.

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