• April 14, 2024

Top Advantages Of Choosing Wooden Vinyl Over Hardwood Flooring

 Top Advantages Of Choosing Wooden Vinyl Over Hardwood Flooring

There are many merits to installing vinyl wood look flooring over the hardwood flooring. However, with so many alternatives to choose from how should a homeowner make the right choice for their home?

Nothing compares to the warmth and colour that a natural wood floor can lend to a home. However, vinyl wood look flooring indeed comes close. Notwithstanding what room in the home you consider, wooden vinyl flooring can offer an attractive alternative to hardwood flooring.

Wooden Vinyl Is A Lookalike Of Hardwood Flooring

Getting maximum value for your dollar is critical to any homeowner and vinyl wood look flooring delivers in this area. These floors are known to be the most low-cost flooring on the market today. Vinyl wood flooring will make any room in your house the focal point of your interior design. Their realistic grain and knot patterns make these floors an exact lookalike of traditional hardwood floors.

Wooden Vinyl Flooring Come In Quite A Few Styles

With demand for various hardwood floorings increasing, vinyl flooring manufacturers swiftly modified, their product lines to reflect the popular styles of hardwood flooring. At present, the demand for exotic hardwood floors has risen to the level that hardwood flooring styles, built out of vinyl materials are common. These floors come in walnut, bamboo, cherry, and mahogany in addition to the old-time favourites like oak and maple.

Wooden Vinyl Flooring Is Less Expensive To Maintain

An attractive feature of vinyl flooring that sets it apart is the ease, with which it can be cleaned. All that is involved when cleaning these floors is a basic mop and a soap-water solution. Moreover, changing the damaged sections of wooden vinyl flooring is easier and less expensive than replacing, damaged sections of tile or wood flooring. Replacing both of such products entails the use of power tools and a great deal of effort also. An individual who has had to remove an entire floor or even a section of tile or hardwood flooring can testify to this fact.

Wooden Vinyl Flooring Allow Effortless Installation

Another great feature of vinyl wood look flooring is the effortless installation the flooring allows, even for a novice handyman. Notwithstanding which type you choose, all the tools that are needed are a tape measure and a saw.

Important Steps Common Among All Flooring

Despite the variety of flooring, there are some steps that are common among all types when it comes to installation. It is vital that the subfloor, whether plywood or concrete, be smooth before initiating the installation. Bumps, depressions, and cracks in the subfloor can result in installation failing over time.

Identifying the centre point of the room will assure a uniform layout for your floor.

Installing underlayment is suggested for different reasons. Not only can the underlayment act as an insulator between the vinyl floor and subfloor. But it also, keeps the floor protected against moisture damage.

The Bottom Line

Wooden Vinyl flooring brings multiple benefits for a homeowner like effortless installation and maintenance. The cost and look of the flooring product will not disappoint, in relation to value for your dollar.

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