• July 15, 2024

Top 5 Indian Groom outfits that are trending in the present market

There was a time when we had very limited options as far as a groom’s wedding is concerned. But eventually, you now have so many options to choose from, that you might end up getting confused and procrastinating the purchase of your wedding outfit. Wedding day is an auspicious and special day for the bride and groom. And both of them try to look their best on their day when all the attention and eyes are on them. For the wedding, either Indian groom wear online shopping can be done or offline, but considering the scenario from past 2 year it is safer to go for an online shopping.

If you are somebody who is getting married anytime soon then this article is a must for you to read in order to explore all the available options for you wedding outfit.

Here are the top 5 options available and trending the market for a groom’s wedding outfit-

  • Sherwani

The topmost has to be a Sherwani, especially the double stole Anarkali Sherwani being the most trending one amongst all. To make your look even more graceful, you can add royal accessories like headgear that can enhance your look even more. It is always good to pick some classic pieces which can even be worn at any wedding after your own.

  • Indowestern

With the growing popularity of Indo-western outfits, grooms are now considering it as an option for their wedding outfits. The pairing of extreme dark and light shades goes well in the case of an Indo-western outfit. Indowestern signifies a combination of modern and traditional culture which is perfect for modern men.

  • Kurta pyjama

It is one of the most common outfits worn by an Indian Groom. Towards South India, wearing a kurta pyjama is always given first preference.

  • Dhoti Kurta

Long kurtas are paired with dhotis (either of silk material or tussar material) and are a great choice for groom’s outfits. It depends on which region you hail from, and accordingly, you can choose a wedding outfit for yourself.

  • Achkan Kurta

The achkan kurta has been an evergreen choice for the grooms because it has come a long way and grooms consider it as their option for their wedding outfit.

  • Chipkan kurta

Chikan kurta has been designed keeping in mind the royal fashion. Grooms also prefer this as their wedding outfit.

Final Overview

I feel that people have a misconception that grooms outfit choices is just limited to 1 or 2 options, and only the bride has her wide variety of choices for their wedding outfit. Indian groom wear online shopping can be easily done as it is cost effective.

House of Kalra is one such brand which has their exclusive collection online as well as online. From Indo western to kurta pajama, House of Kalra has all of it. The way it’s a bride’s special day likewise, it is a special day for the groom as well and both want to look at their best.

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