• May 23, 2022

Top 10 Movies to Watch on Netflix

 Top 10 Movies to Watch on Netflix

Yes, we all know that there is an innumerable range of good movies on Netflix. No doubt that whether there is one or 10, it’s not an easy task to make a selection for streaming. People gradually spend lots of time going through queues and random genres in the huge streaming library of Netflix. Apart from that, WEBM (Web Media) format comes with some limitations, so it’s ideal to convert WEBM to MP4 format due to its compatibility feature. To do so, you require the best online WEBM to MP4 converter right now!

In this context, we demonstrate a list of the top Netflix movies that entertain you tremendously. Keep scrolling down!

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993):

This movie is entirely based on Peter Hedges’ that also packed within the same name “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. There are stars Johnny Depp as 24 years old (Gilbert), you can see that a grocery store clerk there taxed with taking care of his obese mother (Darlene Cates), and also his mentally disordered brother named (Leonardo DiCaprio) in Iowa. Many critics revealed that DiCaprio who was only 19 stole the movies with his most appealing performance. As a bonus, you could visit theonlineconverter.com to get the best video converter online, and also there you can utilize a free WEBM to MP4 converter to save WEBM as Mp4 video file.


Yes, the titanic needs no introduction till now! James Cameron’s depicted the story of one of the greatest maritime tragedies in history. We all know that the main action that happens there-in is the winsome, elegant Rose (Kate Winslet) and the scrappy Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). That’s the most appealing reason why Titanic is indicated as the classic date night pick. Even reveals the amazing romance between the two seemingly triumphs that take over the horrific event at its center.

Moreover, if you downloaded this movie in WEBM format and you want to stream it on your Mac computer, then there’s no need to install specific software to proceed with it right now. All you need to place your WEBM video into an online WEBM to MP4 converter that quickly convert WEBM to MP4 while maintaining the original resolution.


Well, Gladiator fits best for those who aim to unwind with a splendid historical drama. The most appealing film was directed by Ridley Scott. You can see that this stunning movie takes place in ancient Rome when Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) ruled to a great extent of level.

My Fair Lady (1964):

My Fair Lady is entirely revealing the definition of a “comfort film”. It is referred to as a most tremendous movie that is musical with decadent costumes and even also charming lead performances from Rex Harrison & Audrey Hepburn. This movie might be coming within WEBM format after downloading that requires specific software to stream. Thus, here you need the best online WEBM to MP4 converter that is designed to convert WebM to MP4 video format, don’t fret since Mp4 is compatible with every streaming player.

Ghost (1990):

The great about this movie is that it is packed with a seemingly endless number of parodies. The Ghost here depicts the store of a murdered man named (Patrick Swayze) who here just settings out to secure his girlfriend (Demi Moore) from the bluffers (criminals) who killed him. Besides that, people typically required a universal format to stream video, so what if you have a WEBM format, which requires a specific installer to stream. This is where an online WEBM to MP4 converter takes place to turn WEBM into MP4 while keeping the quality high.

Magnolia (1999):

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia makes the best knockout with the stunning cast in Magnolia. The cast includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Melinda Dillon, Jeremy Blackman, Tom Cruise, and more to entertain you splendidly!

Like Crazy (2011):

Whenever you feel like squeezing in a good cry, you ought to revisit the 2011 romantic drama named “Like Crazy”. Yes, in this adorable stream, the late Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones appeared as young lovers, they both struggle a lot to stay together. The good thing is that this movie provides you with a realistic look at a long-distance relationship. Moreover, whenever you need to convert a batch of WEBM movie files into MP4 universal video format, you ought to use a free WEBM to MP4 converter online.

Spy Kids (2001):

If you want to revise your childhood or pre-teen memory in the early 2000s, then Spy Kids is the movie that you have to add to your streaming list. In Spy Kids, Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara work as a brother-sister duo, they both team up to save their parents (who are ex-spies) from the evil mastermind.

House Party (1990):

Yes, House Party is indicated as a hugely entertaining comedy with infectious energy. If you people are seeking the ultimate 90’s throwback, then House Party is an ultimate movie to stream right now. Reginald Hudlin is the writer and director of this film, House Party was entirely dependent on his short film, which he made while at Harvard.


Most folks miss these borderline black-and-white martial arts in the 2019 Film Festival, then no need to worry more. Yes, Shadow is now available on Netflix, now you could bathe in the beautiful monochrome visuals and even cheer on the outstanding action sequences.


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