• July 22, 2024

Tips To Use Square Tree Planter For Growing a Plant Indoor

 Tips To Use Square Tree Planter For Growing a Plant Indoor

You’re tired of your desk garden wilting and browning, but you need more room to grow plants indoors. That is where the Square Tree Planter comes in! It’s an easy way to grow an indoor garden and includes the following:

  • A pot.
  • Water-holding rocks.
  • Soil mixture with peat moss.
  • Seeds or plants (if you get the starter kit).
  • Fertilizer discs.
  • Instructions on how to care for your planter.

Square Tree Planters are called square pots, cube pots, and cube frames. 

Tips To Use Square Tree Planter For Growing a Plant Indoor

  1. Light. Make sure the light levels in your square planter are good. A full-sun location is perfect for plants that prefer bright, direct light.
  2. Location and atmosphere. Place the tree planter near a window and get it out of direct sunlight so it can soak up some natural light throughout the day. It will help your plants grow stronger, healthier, and faster!
  3. Watering and drainage. Water your tree planter from a hose when the soil is dry, and never overwater it. To keep your plant healthy, let the soil dry out between watering.
  4. Soil. Your planter will have a pre-mixed soil mixture specifically designed for trees and shrubs. All you have to do is add water, add fertilizer discs, and put the seeds or plants into the pot!
  5. Set it up as soon as it arrives. When you receive your tree planter, set it up in a location with plenty of natural light. It will help your plants start growing faster and more robust.
  6. Start using the fertilizer discs. Put a fertilizer disc under the soil for your new tree planter about a month after setting them up, and water it to activate the discs.
  7. Place a grid on top if you’re growing herbs or plants that need constant access to light. If you’re growing herbs, small veggies, or other plants that will grow toward the light, you can use a grid to help keep the plant in place.
  8. Give it time to grow. Don’t be surprised if your Square Tree Planter takes longer than you expect for new growth. The roots need time to start growing in the new soil and planter before new leaves appear on your plants. So be patient and enjoy its progress as it grows!
  9. Change it up! The square planter will change over time, just like any other plant. As you notice that the leaves are browning or the soil becomes compacted, it’s time to change things up a bit.
  10. Plant some new seeds! You can always get a new tree planter set up if you want to try something different with your plants. Just wait until the soil becomes compacted, and add some fresh soil and seeds!


Square Tree Planters are a fun and colorful way to add some greenery to your home. They’re also perfect for growing a small indoor garden as long as you have room for the planter. Need more room for the planter? No worries! You can use it to start Brussels sprouts and other veggies indoors before planting them outdoors when spring rolls around!

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