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Tips To Focus On Your Health During The Defense Exams

 Tips To Focus On Your Health During The Defense Exams


The defense exam can be a daunting task for many students. Candidates usually begin preparing months in advance and even then, there are cases of people not making it through. There are many types of defense exams currently being conducted in India. AFCAT, CAPF, and CDS are some examples. Although they are not similar, the dedication and practice required for each one are noteworthy. Many young Indians wish to work for the government and this is one of the reasons why the competition is immense. 

Not only is working for the government respected in society, but it is also a secure job with good benefits. Being part of the Armed forces is a dream come true for many. Most candidates rely on well-reputed coaching institutions to prepare them for success in this field. If you too need the help of experts to guide you well then consider connecting with the finest CDS coaching in Chandigarh.

However, most candidates study too hard and ignore the effects on their health. Being in good health both mentally and physically is important to stay sharp and alert during an exam.

Below are some helpful tips to stay healthy while preparing for a defense exam:

Time to reduce focus on unproductive commitments 

It is best to focus solely on the task at hand and not commit yourself to other activities or standard work hours. This will help reduce the pressure and give you more free time during the day while reducing the frequency of late-night cramming sessions. Moreover, there will be ample time for activities after the exam.

A balanced Diet is pertinent

Having a well balanced diet is a good lifestyle choice even when it is not exam season. While studying, students usually crave unhealthy snacks loaded with cholesterol and salt to help with the late nights. However, you will notice that it is much easier to concentrate if you consume a balanced, nutritional diet. Although a tasty treat can be used as a reward after a thorough study session, you must ensure that it is done in moderation. It is also recommended to have a good healthy meal a couple of hours before your exam.

Avoid too much caffeine 

Energy drinks and coffee are popular among students while cramming for a defense exam. While it does give you a temporary boost, caffeine will eventually lead to slow down and drowsiness, which has the potential to disrupt your study schedule and also affect your sleep cycle.

Study partners are helpful

Studying with a friend will motivate both parties to focus and remain productive. Moreover, short breaks after long modules are enjoyable more by a quick brainstorming session. You might even find that working with a friend is actually more effective than someone else being there to motivate you.

Take short but refreshing breaks

After a long session, it is important to refresh your mind for a brief period of time. A relaxing walk or a cup of tea after long modules can help one clear their mind before jumping back into studying again.

The importance of sleep 

Many potential students study till late in the night for months on end, for a defense exams. However, getting rest is important for the brain to stay in its optimal performance zone. It is best to be consistent and pick a time slot dedicated to sleep and stick to it. Having a good environment with minimal distractions will come in especially handy in order to help you have a refreshing sleep.

Stress Management

Exercise, meditation, and a routine schedule are paramount to managing stress. Moreover, getting ample sleep and drinking lots of water can also help stay physically and mentally strong. One of the best ways to manage stress is to start studying early and revise constantly. AFCAT is one of the most popular exams among defense aspirants. If you wish to crack it then you should think of joining the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.


In conclusion, ample sleep, a good diet, and a consistent schedule lead to better results both in exams and everyday life. Moreover, it is said that the brain reinforces daily information while sleeping, Sleep also helps regulate stress. A balanced diet three hours prior to sleeping can also help with overall mental and physical health, which will prove necessary during defense exam preparations. The goal is to be healthy and prepared while minimizing stress. 

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