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Three Benefits To Choose the Right Rockwool for Insulation

 Three Benefits To Choose the Right Rockwool for Insulation

Are you involved in a remodelling project that calls to install new insulation? If yes, then you’ve likely looked at the various types of insulation to be installed.

You’ve conducted your research and you’re aware of blow-blown insulation, fibreglass or spray foam as well as wraps. They’re all wonderful, however, have you ever learned about Rockwool insulation?

It is among the most intriguing insulation technologies available currently. If you’ve not been aware of the Rockwool fire barrier maybe you have encountered it before under the title, Roxul.

Now referred to as Rockwool insulation, this mineral fibre derived from rock insulation is made of the recycled material of slag, and also basalt rocks. Basalt rock is an ancient volcanic rock formed naturally. Slag is a product of the steel and copper industry.

If you combine the two together, and then spin them into fibres, you get insulation batts which are ideal for sliding over joists and studs.

Simply put, Rockwool insulation is created from a material found in the natural world, and another that is discarded from industrial waste. It is one of the eco-friendly insulation products on the market.

About 40% of the Rockwool insulation is made of recycled pre-consumer materials. If that wasn’t enough there are three more reasons to consider using Rockwool insulation.

Reason 1 – No Better Acoustic Insulation.

If you reside in an area that is noisy and you want to reduce the noise, think about making use of Ecotherm floor insulation. It can help with high- and low-frequency sounds and is one of among the best choices available on the market to soundproof your home.

In the beginning, you’ll need to remove the drywall. The best time to put in the insulation would be during remodel or remodelling project or when you’re replacing the old insulation.

Once you’ve access to your walls, the installation of Rockwool insulation is easy. It is easily using a drywall utility, as well as a bread cutter, which makes it the most simple insulation to install.

Reason 2 – Is That Rockwool Insulation Is A Water Repellent.

One of the main issues with traditional insulation is the effectiveness diminishes when it is expose to water. But with Rockwool insulation it isn’t the case.

Particularly useful for renovations to kitchens and bathrooms, Rockwool solves the problem of water vapour leaking through the walls.

Apart from being water resistant It’s also permeable to vapours. If it does manage to become damp or wet it will maintain its outstanding performance once it has dried. Because it’s made of organic materials, there’s no food source for mould or bacteria to thrive, which is an added advantage!

Additionally, Rockwool insulation doesn’t absorb water. If water does come into contact with the outside surface, it will run away and will not become absorbed into the interior inside the insulation.

Reason 3 – Rockwool Insulation Is Fire Resistant!

When it comes to kitchens, another reason to think about Ecotherm insulated plasterboard is the fact that it is resistant to fire and can withstand temperatures up to 2150oF!

Making use of Rockwool insulation for your kitchen remodel will enhance the security of your home and safeguard your family.

What better way to install a product that will give you security in regards to security from fire in your home!

1. Thermal insulation

The mineral wool fabric of both types is a great thermal insulation. The air spaces that are present within this fabric allow it to have extraordinary thermal properties. The fabric is not able to allow heat to escape easily. This is the reason why mineral wool is use to insulate your home.

It should be observe it is a slightly less R-value around 2.2-2.7 in comparison against the stone wool’s 3.0-3.3. It is a sign that glass wool insulation is less effective in preventing heat loss via conduction.

Rock wool provides an excellent thermal insulation. With Rockwool insulation your home will need less energy to cool or heat and this means lower energy bills.

2. Fire safety

In terms of fire safety, mineral wool has a head start over different insulation products. They are non-combustible as well as fire-resistant. They have been certified by the highest possible Euroclass Reaction to Fire Classification ecotherm eco versal.

Glass mineral wool is certifie as A2 (limit combustibility) A1 (non-combustible) can be achieve with rocks mineral wool. The fireproof qualities provide by rock wool are more effective.

It is able to reach a melting temperature that is over 1,000 ° Celsius and decreases temperature transfer to the point that it is use to stop the spread of fire. 

It acts as a fire-proofing material and is use to increase the protection against fire of your home. Therefore, the stone wool insulation will be more to be use for long-term fire resistance.

3. Acoustic Insulation

Contrary to rigid foam board glass mineral wool and rock insulation can be very effective in reducing noise. Both provide excellent insulation for acoustics.

Because Rockwool is much denser than glass wool it is able to slow down sound waves while they move through structures.

It is a superior soundproofing material and makes silent structures. Sound transfer between walls and floors is reduce by the use of rock wool. It’s also very efficient in keeping outside or nearby sounds to an absolute minimal.

4. Sustainable Products

As the significance of sustainability and environmental effects increases, it is essential to look into green insulation materials.

The mineral wool insulation and the mineral wool and wool insulation are great in recycling and repurposing material that would otherwise be being discard.

But glass wool is usually constructed from only 30% recycled materials while Eco Versal insulation is produced with as much as 70% recycled materials, making it the most eco-friendly insulation material.

5. The Resistance To Mould And Moisture

Both the stone wool materials for insulation invulnerable to insect’s water or moulds. Stone wool is the clear winner when you’re looking for a more durable water-resistant insulation choice.

Stone wool is resistant to water, and won’t turn damp. It doesn’t allow for an increase in fungi mould and other germs. The air pockets inside its fibres contribute to its breathability, which is helpful to reduce or stop the buildup of moisture siniat weather defence.

6. The Cost Of The Insulation Materials

If your budget is tight it is recommend to look into the insulation of glass. While Ecotherm roof insulation is priced approximately PS5to PS10 per square metre and glass wool is the most affordable option, priced at less than PS2-PS5/m2 at DIY stores.

The conclusion is that you must think about Rockwool insulation for a vital element of your next construction or renovation project.

The Most Sustainable Form Of Energy Is Insulation For Energy Savings.

If it is install in a home or commercial, institutional or industrial structure, it creates an environment that allows you to be able to work, live and play comfortably, while decreasing your energy use.


Insulation is among the most essential efficient, economical, and energy-saving construction materials that can be in homes. In reality, without insulation, a number of other components that make up a more energy-efficient home will not function as expect.

Insulation can be use as an acoustical as well as thermal solution for ceilings, walls and floors of a house or any area of the envelope of the building. Insulation can keep your home cooler during the summer, and warm in winter.

In The End

While stone wool insulation has the edge in the market most times Both kinds that are of insulation from mineral wool provide acoustic and thermal insulation that can be in quickly.

If you properly insulate your home or structure, you’ll lower costs for energy and stop the loss of heat, thus saving money.

If you’re installing insulation or are insulating, it’s recommend to conduct your own study and determine what kind of insulation will work best for your needs.



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