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Things To Keep In Mind When Picking Packaging Coffee Bags

 Things To Keep In Mind When Picking Packaging Coffee Bags

Many consumers today are looking for more choices, options, and features. There is a growing list of options available regarding coffee, ranging from the standard brown package to single-serving pods. With our wide selection, choosing your Packaging Coffee Bags can be easy or hard, depending on what you’re looking for. We at Entre Pouch offer great-quality packaging for your coffee.

It would help if you kept a few things in mind when looking to improve or redesign your packaging. Depending on which coffee you are packaging, you want to stick with neutrality and avoid any flashy colors. Color can turn people away from your product. If you’re packaging decaf, don’t use the same bag as caffeinated since the colors scream for the consumer to pick caffeinated over decaffeinated. 

What To Know About Packaging Coffee Bags?

1. Choose your bag size based on the amount of coffee you are packaging

For example, choose a larger bag if your packaging is larger than a K-Cup. Also, when choosing your bag size, you want to ensure that it is not too large for its contents. So, don’t use a 6 oz bag for 2 oz worth of coffee grounds. Overall this point is very important because depending on what you are packaging will determine what size bags to use.

2. Choose your filling based on the type of coffee you are packaging

For example, if you are packaging decaffeinated coffee, you want to choose a white or gray bag since these are the most neutral. Over time consumers will associate this color with decaffeination, so they will think that it is decaf when it is not. Or, if you’re packaging Arabica coffee and looking to make an impact, choose a clear bag to stand out from the crowd.

3. Keep your packaging in a neutral color

Since too many colors confuse the consumer, you must keep your bag color neutral. Decaf should not be bright green or red because that would confuse consumers. Arabica coffee shouldn’t be blue or purple since these colors are typically associated with energy drinks.

4. Keep it simple

It’s important to keep things simple around Packaging Coffee Bags and not overdo it. Adding too many logos or decorations can be distracting and make it hard for the consumer to pick it out. You want your coffee to speak for itself.

5. Include your logo, but not too much

Including a logo is important when packaging your coffee, so consumers know what brand they are buying. It’s a good idea to have the main part of your logo on the front since this is what the consumer will see first and what will get their attention. However, you don’t want the logo to be so big that it covers up the company name. What’s important is making sure your logo is legible through the bag and your name is above it.

6. Pay attention to how your bags are designed

Keep in mind that when you fill your bags with coffee, there will be some mixture/dispersal of the grounds throughout the bag, so there could be an uneven distribution at times. Packaging Coffee Bags can be designed in various ways, so you should keep an eye out for the best designs.

7. Make sure to seal it!

Since you are working with the most expensive cargo of all time, you don’t want your coffee to be ruined by oxygen. That is why you must seal the bags before introducing them into the shipping process. A great way to achieve this is to use heat-sealing machines or, in some cases, vacuum sealers. Just make sure that when using a heat sealer that the bag isn’t too hot so it doesn’t melt your bag or affect the taste.


Entre Pouch also offers plastic wrapper packaging for coffee, tea, and related products. Also, we offer filter bags for coffee grounds, coffee pods, and various food items. Our packaging options solve the needs of many individuals, including roasters, food and beverage companies, restaurants, and hotels. We also offer a variety of sizes, as well as customized options. Contact us today at 0999 881 5909 to find out how to package your coffee with us.

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