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Things Landlords Should be Aware of in an Eviction Process

 Things Landlords Should be Aware of in an Eviction Process

Understand how long an eviction process can be, a landlord should know to avoid it. If tenants are uncooperative, things turn out to be complex, and it can take three to four weeks to resolve. A lengthy process involves spending time and money, which is not desirable.

When Can Landlord Evict a Tenant?

If a tenant waits for long to pay the rent, it is time to send the eviction notice. Check with the Eviction Louisiana factors.

Not Paying the Rent

Unpaid rent is a major reason for tenant eviction. A landlord can agree for a month or two, but skipping the rent for a long time isn’t acceptable, and time to ask for the rent to go.


You rent property to two, and the tenant adds more people and takes rent from them. This is a serious case when the landlord should ask them to stop or prepare for an eviction process.


If a landlord wishes to take back their property for personal use, they can do so by sending an eviction notice to the tenant.

Damage the Property

If the tenant damages the property and is unwilling to cover up for the damage, the landlord has every right to raise an eviction.

Commercial Use

If the tenant uses a residential property for business purposes, it calls for an eviction. Commercial use of residential property can lead to problems that the landlord has to bear unnecessarily.

Content of an Eviction Letter

It’s important to consider what’s in an eviction letter and have solid ground to frame a formal letter. The following are important in a letter:

Reason of Eviction

You need to state the reasons behind eviction clearly. You should also mention the eviction rules are against the lease agreement of your living place.

Define the Period

It is the time period within which the tenant has to leave the property. It can be from 1 to 3 months’ time, as per the reasons.

Mention the Remedies

If the tenant continues to live in the property even after raising the eviction, it is against the rules. A landlord can easily send them the eviction letter and share some remedies.

Process to Handle Eviction

Hiring a Lawyer

A lawyer can make the process smooth and help you better understand things with your tenant. The lawyer ensures that the case is strong.

Send Eviction Letter

It is essential to send a letter to the tenant before taking the case to court.

Send Notice

It is necessary to file the case with the civil court when the tenant receives a notification for the case hearing.


Either the tenant will leave the premise without visiting the court or have to content for the same. The landlord should have a suitable argument to prove the eviction.

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