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The primary reason why you should obtain the SBI Pulse Credit Card

 The primary reason why you should obtain the SBI Pulse Credit Card

SBI Bank has consistently targeted various segments of society. It has been a pioneer segment in the credit card race. You may discover every credit card that will assist you here, regardless of whether you are a travel freak, fitness enthusiast, entertainment lover, shopper, foodie, or interested in many other things. The SBI Pulse Credit Card was introduced to the market to cater to fitness enthusiasts. It also has a slew of additional useful features in a variety of categories. As a welcome gift with the SBI Pulse Card, you will receive a one-year complimentary membership to Fitness Pro. Furthermore, it comes with a small joining cost that you need to bear to get the credit card. Keep reading the article to get a brief about “The primary reason why you should obtain the SBI Pulse Credit Card”

Rewards you can get from the SBI Pulse Credit Card

The SBI Pulse Credit Card has been assisting travel enthusiasts. It has proved to stand out by the promise laid out by the bank. Here are the benefits you can avail of the SBI Pulse Card:

  • As a welcome gift for joining up for the Pulse SBI Credit Card, you will receive a Noise Color Fit 2 max smartwatch worth Rs. 5999.
  • The SBI Pulse Card includes a one-year membership to Fitpass Pro and Netmeds First.
  • Get up to Rs. 10 in rewards points on chemist, drugstore, eating, and movie purchases.
  • You will receive 2 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent.
  • The reward points you receive are valuable since 4 reward points equal Rs. 1.
  • You can utilize your reward points to pay off all outstanding debts.
  • Your Pulse SBI Credit Card renewal fee will be waived if your annual expenditure exceeds Rs. 2 lakh.
  • If your annual spending reached 4 lakh you will get Rs. 1500 e-voucher free 

Insurance Benefits came along with SBI Pulse Credit Card

These are the insurance benefits you can avail of the SBI Pulse Credit Card: 

  • As a result of credit card fraud liability, you can obtain insurance coverage of up to 1 lakh rupees.
  • The Pulse SBI Credit Card is guaranteed air accident insurance coverage of a maximum of Rs. 50 lakh.
  • You will be compensated up to Rs. 72,000 for the loss of check-in baggage. However, Rs. 7500 would be given for check-in baggage delays.
  • If your travel documents are lost, you will be covered by the bank up to Rs. 12,500 in insurance.

Key Privileges of using  the SBI Pulse Credit Card

Mentioned below are the top-most advantages of obtaining the SBI Pulse Credit Card: 

  • Complimentary domestic lounge visits up to 8 every year. It is, however, limited to two trips every quarter.
  • With the Pulse SBI Card, you get a free Priority Pass membership.
  • The SBI Pulse Credit Card, which is developed with contactless technology, is one of the best credit cards in India. It contributes to the safety and security of payments.
  • The SBI Pulse Credit Card can be used everywhere in the world.
  • You can easily pay all of your utility bills using it.


The SBI Pulse Credit Card is without a doubt one of the greatest credit cards available in India. Regardless of whether it is a fitness freak credit card, you can obtain perks from other categories as well. In addition, you must pay Rs. 1499 as a joining fee and renewal expenses to obtain the Pulse SBI Credit Card. The cost you pay is proportionate to the benefits provided by the credit card. According to the bank, to obtain the SBI Pulse Card, you must meet certain eligibility standards. It states that only Indian citizens between the ages of 21 and 70 with a CIBIL score of 750 or higher are eligible to apply.


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