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The Importance Of Stock Options In Finance

 The Importance Of Stock Options In Finance

Even though the American economy seems to be in shambles, more people are playing the stock market than ever before in the country’s history. The two correlate. With the jobs market and inflation so bad, more and more people are trying to do what they can to supplement their income and strike it big through trading stocks. The issue here, of course, is that it’s a very complex genre to tackle as an individual. Many are educated in finance and trading and still fail. One of the best ways to succeed is to find the right brokerage and ensure you have stock options. Here is why options are so important.

1. Better Pricing Leverage

Finding the right options trading brokerage platform with multiple stock choices is important due to the cost-efficiency involved. You have fantastic leverage potential with options, as you can obtain an option position that’s similar to a stock position, though you get to save a lot of money with the option instead of the full stock. It may seem complex on its face, but finding the right platform will make it self-explanatory, as they will provide you with the different categories. Purchasing 100 calls, for instance, at $10 each is a far sight cheaper than purchasing 100 shares for $30 each. So you can leverage your position in a wide variety of options here if they’re available.

2. Overall Lower Risks 

Because you have so much cost-effective leverage with options, you are also at far less risk. Not only can you buy into multiple positions for a lot cheaper, but you can also escape those positions in a snap if you need to. Plus, overall, you’re invested in the options a lot less. You’re not risking nearly as much as you would be with full equities, and this gives you the best ultimate position to hedge your trades. This becomes a position that’s far safer than full stocks, as you won’t be dealing with the brutal game of stop-loss orders and massive investments. You get to diversify a lot more and leverage your position.

3. More Potential Returns

What’s so exciting about stock options is that you have the potential to be paid the same (relative to your investment) as full equities, but you’re risking a lot less. So, a 10% profit on $100 doesn’t equate to as much in total as 10% on $1,000, of course; but the thing about options is that you’re hedged across the board, more often than not, and the profits stack up relative to what you’ve put in. What you end up with here is a higher percentage. Even though it seems as if 10% is always 10%, it’s a greater share when you spend less to invest because you’re protected against losses. Now, imagine you were invested in a whole lot of different options that incrementally increased. This is how day traders make a living.

4. Better Overall Stock Trading Strategies

It’s also important to choose stock options in finance because you’ll find a lot of different alternative investments. Many different investment opportunities are going to offer you lower options to grab up, and this makes them very flexible. You can use these options positions to reach the same goals as normal stocks, but you can strategically stretch and hedge and give yourself far better chances to ultimately get a solid return on your investment. You can invest in a lot of areas when you choose to go with options, such as betting instead of investing. In many ways, think of this like prop bets in poker. You can throw money in on the passage of time, volatility movements, percentage gains, losses, etc. Even if the brokerage isn’t allowing for shorting stocks from its traders, you can still hedge by playing the downside of a stock. This opens you up to all sorts of strategies.


Even if you aren’t investing to purchase options, it’s still a great thing to have them available. You never know when you’ll want to hedge and lower your overall stock trading investment without sacrificing the possibility of high returns.

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