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The Importance of Creating A Comprehensive Google Ads Strategy

 The Importance of Creating A Comprehensive Google Ads Strategy

Google ads are one of the many major contributors to the constantly changing digital marketing sector. Google ads is a paid online advertising strategy that lets you reach everyone using Google for their searches. Google is leading with 83.84% of the market share compared to other search engines. With the right implementation, Google ads can drive massive organic traffic to your website, with customers looking for your services and products. 

Fewer ad platforms come close to what Google ads can do regarding lead generation. If you are wondering if Google ads work and how your business can benefit, here are some important factors to consider.

Higher Return On Investment

In the third quarter of 2022, Google ads generated $54.48 billion from the advertising platform alone, proving how well the platform has performed. Once optimised and working well, Google ads can guarantee a great ROI, which is hard to achieve with other marketing strategies. The latter may take time to achieve. 

The Google ads agency must keep up with constant testing and tracking campaigns. Once you notice the areas with higher ROI, you can start focusing on them. If a part of your campaign costs too much money, it’s best to discard them and try ones for better success.

Generating Targeted Leads

Google ads push your advertisement to people searching for content through Google. According to HubSpot, about 63% of people have clicked on a Google ad. Since the ad’s main aim is to get people to click, this number shows a promising result for using Google ads. With a well-optimised landing page and a user-friendly interface, it offers the best way to turn potential clients into real clients. 

Google ads are different from social media campaigns. With social media campaigns, you must determine whether your target audience is interested in your product. On the other hand, Google ads target people looking for the same services or products as yours.

The Results Are Rapid

Optimising SEO to feature in the top rank of Google search engines can take time and effort. Go with a Google ads campaign. While SEO is an effective long-term strategy, it takes months to build to its full potential. 

A Google ads agency ensures that the ads hardly take a few hours to set up in a few hours, and it’s good to go. The agency only has to establish the parameters, the keywords, the geo market and the landing page. Google ads results are almost immediate. You don’t have to wait.

Creates Brand Awareness

Google ads are one of the best digital marketing services that generate leads and focus on creating brand awareness. About 80% of all online ads help increase brand awareness. While other digital marketing experts focus on reach, sales and leads, Google ads give the highest exposure to your brand, irrespective of whether they click on the ad or not. The ads also help familiarise the audience with the brand and other services you offer.

More Conversions

Investing in Google ads is best for a digital marketing strategy. While this strategy guarantees reach, what matters most is the conversions you get from the leads. With most successfully implemented Google ads, the paid traffic conversion is twice as much as the organic traffic conversions. 

A top ranking is easy if your landing page offers a matching message with a focused design. You must place your users in different categories and show them your content based on your Google Analytics data.

Better Budget Controls

Budget control has always been an issue with digital marketing services. In some instances, marketers realised it was becoming difficult to keep their ads campaigns within the budget. As a result, traditional advertisement services need to be more effective. But with Google ads, the problem of overspending or wasteful expenses is no longer an issue.

It gives you complete control over your expenses as you can target specific budget limits, keywords and the number of bids. Google only charges for services when customers click on your ad. The ad spends only going on important activities.

It’s A Flexible Marketing Strategy

The Google ads platform is the most flexible and can work best for all kinds of businesses, small or huge corporations. It is compatible with several other marketing platforms, and you can easily customise the campaign to target specific online users. You can target your audience using their type of device, location or the website they are accessing. You can easily set specific budget limits on specific keywords.

A strong Google presence is vital for local or international businesses in the digital marketing era. Google ads offer several benefits to businesses looking to create an online presence and achieve their goal. It’s one of the best online advertisements for being cost-effective, plays its part in helping gain new customers, and does its bit to help build brand awareness.

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Shabbir Ahmed is a professional blogger, writer, SEO expert & founder of Dive in SEO. With over 5 years of experience, he handles clients globally & also educates others with different digital marketing tactics.

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