• June 16, 2024

The Consequence of Printed Packaging on E-commerce

 The Consequence of Printed Packaging on E-commerce

The burgeoning e-commerce industry is disrupting the retail sector, with some observers predicting it could eventually be worth $4 trillion. It turns out that cardboard has a big impact on e-commerce. According to a study, it provides 1.7 million direct jobs and 4.5 million indirect jobs in more than 100 countries around the world. Lots of people work in the cardboard industry. Almost 1.5 million people work there because lots of people like to buy things online and they ship them in cardboard boxes. This is good when you want to buy something like bath soaps and shower bombs when you are not at home or at work, but can’t find it anywhere else. 

For businesses looking for an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace, printed cardboard packaging in any form like bath bomb packaging boxes can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. The printed cardboard product packaging is already being used extensively in the food industry, but can also have a huge impact on other types of e-commerce products too. 

 1. Cardboard is the world’s most widely-used packaging material, but what impact can it have on e-commerce? 

In addition to current benefits like fast and free shipping and tracking, several unique advantages of using printed cardboard for e-commerce are:  

  1. Durable and Long lasting

Many brands are still struggling to stand out. For example, the six-second shipping time is slow and terrible for the environment. It’s not only frustrating for customers, but it also hurts the environment because it takes a lot of plastic. Cardboard is much better for this reason because it doesn’t use as many plastics. 

  1. Efficient, Minimal labor

All you need to make a cardboard box is a hot glue gun, a lighter, some glue, and a bit of aluminum foil. 

  2. Cardboard is lightweight, easy to manage and extremely cost-effective  

Cardboard is a good material to use when you need to ship things. It is light and it can be used for big or small items. People would like less litter on the ground and in the street, so this will make your life better. And if you use energy efficiently, you will save money. 

E-commerce websites would benefit from printing their products with cardboard packaging because it is less expensive than plastic and there is less waste in the environment. 


Cardboard boxes are good for packages. They are less expensive to ship than other things. They are easier to send, because they do not have lots of tape or wrapping on them. And they are good for the environment because they use less energy, water, and packaging materials. You don’t need an in-house printer since standard 3D printers have the capability to print everything you need. This makes the cost-efficiency even greater.  

 3. Printed cardboard can be used to improve the visual appeal of e-commerce products 

Cardboard is a great way to add a pop of colour and create a well-designed and highly desirable product – and it’s much cheaper than you think. For example, if you are selling a shirt, you can cut out the shape of the shirt and wrap it. There are different ways to do this. One way is to have a regular-sized box with some kind of material inside (like cardboard tubing). The design or image on your product will be on it with an opaque material like cardboard tubing covering it.  

Marketing: Some people make cardboard boxes. They can be different colors, and they have designs on them. Sometimes the words are printed with a picture of something on them. Some people make cardboard boxes that are printed with pictures or words and color it with glitter and other colors. 

Repair: As well as being cheaper, this method is also more environmentally friendly. Brand names are often printed on protective sleeves to protect them from dirt and damage, and if you only print a few, you can rest assured they’ll be unique and fixed to the box. 

  1. How can printed cardboard packaging help online businesses?

Cardboard packaging is cheaper than plastic. You can use it for your products. Cardboard is better for the environment than plastic. Use cardboard boxes instead of plastic ones. This will help you make more money and be good to the environment! 

Print-on-demand: This is the most common way to put things on shelves. It’s also a quick way for stores to sell products, especially in hospitality. The product refresh rate depends on how big the product is. Brands need to think about how much they want and how fast they want it delivered. When deciding what to stock and print-on packing can help.  

Color blending boxes: A ‘color blending box’ is a way to pack your products for retail. It is just like a cardboard box, but it can also have the products you’re selling in containers inside. You don’t need to have special labels or instructions for this because it will be easy to understand what you are doing.  

 5. What are the benefits of using printed cardboard packaging for e-commerce? 

Environmentally friendly: cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and it’s very cost-effective because you can recycle it and use it to make new products. Cardboard is a good material for packaging because it is lighter and cheaper than metal and plastic. It can also be attractive to customers who would otherwise buy more expensive options. 

Creativity: Creative designers don’t worry about other companies copying their design. They can come up with new ideas for product packaging without worrying about other companies copying them because the law doesn’t cover “printing.” 

Reusable: To reduce waste, you can recycle products by using cardboard to make new ones. There is a high demand for these products and you can sell the boxes they come in on the secondary market.  

Efficient: Because the product is sold in wholesale printed cardboard boxes, it is easy to store. When that happens, it becomes easier for the company to be profitable and logistics staff have more time. You can mix and match products so you can meet your customer’s needs. 


The boxes provide maximum security for the product, whether it’s any product. They are strong but lightweight. Cardboard boxes are efficient and they’re cost-effective. If you want to find out more about how this packaging can meet your needs contact us today! 

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