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Technical SEO Services for Ecommerce in 2023: Best Ways to Improve Your Ranking

 Technical SEO Services for Ecommerce in 2023: Best Ways to Improve Your Ranking

Technical SEO services are the process of making the website more attractive to indexers and crawlers of search engines. It makes it easier for search engines to understand the website. Technical SEO is a crucial piece of the SEO services package and the overall eCommerce SEO strategy. Its primary objective is to improve a website’s architecture.

Technical SEO service is essential for e-commerce websites because it tells search engines that the website is valuable and makes them rank it higher. This technical SEO guide breaks down how to boost the eCommerce store’s traffic and improve its online standing.

Every business wants its website to get a lot of visitors. As a result, numerous companies have begun employing various SEO strategies to achieve this fully. Enhancing the quality of content on the website is also one of the most common methods for optimizing it for search engines.

Ways to further develop The Web-based business Specialized Search engine optimization

The site’s significant areas of strength for Website design enhancement get particular treatment from web indexes. The following is a list of suggestions for improving technical SEO so that the website can meet search engine requirements.


  • Perform an SEO audit to find opportunities and address points of exit for a better user experience. It guarantees that any new SEO techniques are built on a solid foundation. Screaming Frog and other specialized auditing software are valuable tools for this.  Before developing and putting their digital marketing strategy into action, Comrade Digital Marketing also provides all of our clients with a complimentary technical SEO audit. For instance, the effectiveness of keywords, missing tags, duplicate content, and pages with 404 errors are all evaluated in our comprehensive audits. In addition, we will carefully examine the architecture of the website and identify areas for enhancement.


  • Check the structure of the website. A well-structured website helps users find their way around and makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index it. The higher a site’s rank, the more logical its structure is. To improve technical SEO, it should evaluate the website’s navigation hierarchy.  To determine whether the structure of the website’s pages flows, map them out in a hierarchy tree. It will also need to evaluate URL structures, category and product pages, internal linking, and navigation menus.


URLs need to be noticed when an eCommerce site has thousands of products. Make sure the URLs are in order. URLs are generated automatically by most CMSs, but they can look like the following: http://yourdomain.com/index.php?=6512524=e03=?p=89.


  • Because it does not provide search engines with helpful information to rank this page, this URL could be better. ecure The Website Google prefers websites that begin with HTTPS rather than HTTP. HTTPS locales use SSL (Secure Attachment Layer). This standard security innovation encodes the association between a web server and a program so that regardless of whether somebody catches a client’s data, they will not be able to peruse the information.
  • Customers are more likely to purchase from a secure website they trust, so SSL certificates are essential to eCommerce’s technical SEO. Nowadays, SSL is included by default in most top website builders.  Increase The Page Load Time The probability of users leaving the website, also known as the bounce rate. It increases by 32 percent when the page load time is increased to three seconds. Therefore, a page loading time of no more than two seconds for eCommerce websites across all devices should be the gold standard. Google has stated that site speed is one of the signals its algorithms use to rank pages.


  • Develop a Mobile-Friendly Version of a Website in the United States; smartphones account for 70% of all digital media time. Mobile devices account for nearly $3 of every $4 spent on online purchases. In addition, Google switched to a mobile-first index in 2019, which means that the mobile version of the eCommerce site will be used as the starting point for indexing and determining SERP ranks.


  • Website best practices, like structured pages, compressed images, and canonical data, are the same for desktop, tablet, and smartphone users. Keep in mind that mobile screens have a different user interface than desktop screens. As a result, mobile users may find pop-up ads that work well on desktops to be frustrating.


  • Technical SEO Benefits from Optimized Keywords When Choosing Keywords, Take into Account Search Results, Volume, Relevance, Competition, and Intent. Because so many sights contain popular keywords, competing for them is difficult. However, new keyword combinations can be discovered with free tools like Word Stream.


  • Link-Building Is a Great Way to Improve the Technical E-commerce SEO Link building is the process of obtaining links from other websites to the eCommerce website. Because links tell search engines that a good resource should be cited, this is a common SEO strategy for eCommerce.


  • Crawl The Site Utilize tools like SEMrush and Screaming Frog to identify technical issues that impact technical SEO negatively. Broken links, missing alt text or metadata, thin or duplicate content, insecure pages, and bad redirects will all be flagged by an eCommerce website crawl. Crawling the website serves the same purpose as car maintenance. It checks that every technical aspect is working as best it can, and if they aren’t, it’s easy to fix them.


  • Technical SEO Requires Optimized Images and Alt text (image description) for Google to comprehend the content. Images can improve their Google rank if they are correctly optimized. Always try to be as specific and brief as possible.


  • Check The Robot.txt File Robots.txt is a file that tells web bots which parts of a website they can or cannot crawl. They prevent resources like PDFs from being indexed and block unimportant or private pages like login pages.


Technical SEO service is a part of eCommerce SEO services and is a detailed process that, when done right, gives it opportunities to share relevant information with potential customers. However, experts can assist it if it needs more technical SEO expertise or finesse. The eCommerce-focused digital agency Comrade Digital Marketing offers high-quality Technical SEO services.

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