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TBDress- The 3 Benefits of Having a Court Marriage

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Has anyone ever imagined what an elderly girl goes through since her birth? Ever thought about what the life of an elderly girl child looks like? So, being a girl is not that easy! Living life as a girl is itself challenging!! There are so many instances in the girl’s life where she has to fight. She has to be brave enough to survive. That’s the reason why girls are known as born warriors! Now, society is changing. People are changing their mindsets. Though the process is slow, it’s taking place!! In the modern era as well there are instances where a girl becomes the victim of stereotypes. And if she is the first child of her generation then life becomes much more difficult for her. The moment she is born her parents start thinking about her marriage. More than which school she will go to, where her wedding will take place becomes a matter of discussion. Not just the wedding venue but also the menu gets decided! Such is the girl’s parents’ enthusiasm!! Strange, isn’t it? As she grows she is taught the household chores. She is taught to be polite and obedient. With every passing day, this moral policing gets deeper and deeper! Does that mean her studies are neglected? No, equal importance is given to her education as well. So that her demand in the marriage market increases. As a girl, she enjoys her freedom. But there are limitations to it. That’s where the problem lies! An elderly boy is treated very differently from an elderly girl. A boy who is the eldest among his siblings will get to enjoy his bachelor’s life to the fullest. No talks about his marriage till he gets a job. Not just that even if he is 28, his family doesn’t ask him to get married. It’s only when the boy is 30, they start looking for a suitable bride for him. So, according to society, a boy can marry after his 30s. Whereas a girl should not wait till her 30s. Otherwise, she will never be able to get a suitable groom. Not just that a girl should marry as soon as she reaches 25 years of age. Isn’t this a kind of discrimination? What if a girl who is 25 years old is willing to study further? Just because she has to get married, should she leave her studies? Is this logical? So, educational institutions are where one comes to know what is right and what is wrong. So, when the first girl child of her generation goes to her school she becomes aware of her rights. She makes her career her priority. She works hard to reach that goal. And finally, she gets her dream job. As soon as she gets the job, her parents start looking for a groom for her. But she is just 23 and the same thing she tells her parents. Her parents are not ready to pay heed to what she is saying. She does everything to make them understand. Then at least her parents agree but with a condition. So the condition is if she doesn’t marry now then later she has to go for a court marriage. No big fat wedding for her! And if she agrees to marry now then an extravagant wedding will be waiting for her. Whatever her choice she will always want to look the best at her wedding. A wedding dress that will make her feel on top of the world! What’s better than the wedding dresses of TBDRESS? TBDRESS houses varieties of wedding dresses with some amazing colours and patterns. She just needs to check out the TBDRESS website. Then buy her wedding dress at an affordable rate using TBDRESS discount codes. What should be said about the TBDRESS offers? There are many! So, before the wedding, TBDRESS shopping is a must!! Her parents were damn sure that their daughter would choose the second one. Because a girl will always want her marriage to be grand! But to their dismay, her daughter chooses the first condition. Her parents may be unaware of the advantages of court marriage. As they are of the generation where marriages took place traditionally. But the modern generation is choosing court marriages over traditional marriage. After the pandemic, there has been a tremendous increase in court marriages. Before the pandemic also couples used to go for court marriages. But the number was negligible! It was during the pandemic when gathering was not allowed, court marriages made it to the top. It was then that couples realised the advantages. Though parents are reluctant towards the court marriage. It’s the younger generations who are preferring court marriages over everything. Because they are the generation who have a rational mind. They take decisions only after thinking about it in all directions. They are aware of what goes into when people opt for an elaborate wedding. It’s a waste of time, money, energy, food, and whatnot. Just for that single day, why should anyone waste so much? Why not save something for the future instead? Whereas doing a low-key court marriage can save so much! Every coin has two sides. Court marriages have cons too. But the pros are more than the cons. Pros have suppressed the cons! She is lucky enough as her parents realise their mistakes. Not just they accepted the daughter’s request to get her married later. But also their reluctance towards court marriages vanished. They gave her the freedom to choose whatever she feels like. Whether she wants to have an elaborate wedding or a court marriage, is completely her choice! But not everyone is lucky like her. Some girls want to go for a court marriage but their parents are not ready. As they don’t know the advantages of court marriages. So, anyone who is not aware of the advantages can read the below list. 

  • Pocket-friendly:

An elaborate wedding means spending lakhs of rupees on just the decorations. Then there’s buying clothes, arrangement of food, jewellery, photography, and whatnot! Which means draining pockets!! Is it wise to spend so much money just to make the wedding day look special? Isn’t it being careless to spend more than the budget? What about the future then? Hence it’s advisable to opt for court marriages. Since court marriages are cheap it will save all the hard-earned money. There will be no waste of money! And thus the money can be of great help in the future!! What else can be asked for? Girls who are very cautious about their future will surely choose court marriages. Thus save some money! But what about expensive wedding dresses? Spending so much just on shopping is also not a wise decision to make. So, the best decision will be to buy a wedding dress at a pocket-friendly rate using TBDRESS promo codes. 

  • Stops food wastage:

Big fat weddings and foods are inseparable! They are like a match made in heaven!! One cannot think about an elaborate wedding without the arrangement of food. And there’s nothing bad about serving food. But the problem is the wastage which happens at an elaborate wedding. All those who are invited to the wedding take more than their limit. And when they are unable to finish it, they throw the food in the dustbin. Thus the food becomes a waste! Opting for court marriages is the only way to stop food wastage. What’s better than this? Like how court marriages save food, TBDRESS shopping saves time as well as money. Any girl who buys from TBDRESS will have a hassle-free experience. And also save money by buying her wedding dress using TBDRESS coupons

  • Are more Intimate: 

It is known to everyone that at traditional weddings more and less everyone is invited. Whether they are genuine people or not, doesn’t matter. 

But just because they are relatives or colleagues or neighbours they get the invitation. When they come to the wedding they never feel happy. Their only task is to keep finding flaws in everything. And neither couple are happy. Out of obligation, they have to show their smiling face to them. Isn’t it awkward? Whereas in court marriages only those who genuinely care about the couple are invited. Those who are invited and the couple as well share a close relationship. The couple starts their new life with their blessings. Like how blessings matter in a girl’s life, an amazing wedding dress matters too! TBDRESS is where she can buy an amazing as well as affordable wedding dress using TBDRESS coupon codes. 

Court marriages are the new trend. And not all trends are bad! Some trends are good too!! Among them, one is the craze for court marriages. Court marriages are not only budget-friendly but are also a fast process. Also saves energy! Girls who have now decided to have a low-key court marriage have taken the best decision. And the second best decision will be to buy their wedding dresses from TBDRESS. They should not waste a single minute. As the TBDRESS sale is in full swing! They can buy pocket-friendly dresses using TBDRESS deals

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