• April 13, 2024

Tattoo Removal: Leave your past in the past!

We all have tattoos that we regret! They may be the mistakes in the spur of the moment and things we no longer resonate with. The little Chinese phrase that we thought was cool no longer sits well or that matching tattoo that you got with your “BFF”, to who you no longer talk. There are a few tattoos that, well, should be left in the past. You must have considered getting rid of it but only heard the negative buzz around it. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about tattoo removal Columbus Ohio.

  1. Go to the qualified

Always go to the qualified when getting your tattoos removed. You don’t want to end up with scarred and burnt skin in the pursuit of leaving behind your regretful tattoo. Dermatologists or tattoo removal experts are the ones you need to approach for a proper procedure with no side effects.

  1. It is time-consuming

Tattoo Removal Columbus Ohio does not work like magic. Remember it does not whoosh and gone. It takes time, sometimes months, maybe even years. It takes a lot of appointments to get your tattoos removed. Sometimes it takes more than 6 sessions to get your tattoo removed. These sessions need to be scheduled every 3-4 months. This time allows the body to break down the pigment.

  1. Expensive

If you are going to a dermatologist for treatment, It is going to burn a hole through your pocket. The bigger the tattoo the more expensive it is going to be. It also depends on the age and the type of tattoo.

  1. Use sunscreen before your sessions

Getting tanned before your tattoo removal sessions is not going to help you. Use sunscreen to protect your tattoo from the sun and get rid of your tattoo permanently.

  1. Painful

This is subjective. Topical anaesthetics like lidocaine are used during the laser procedure along with a chiller for cold air. Even with all this in, you might still feel pain and it depends from one person to another. Some might and some might not. The placebo effect also has a role in this. You might feel pain as you are constantly told it is a highly painful procedure.

  1. All colours of ink can be taken out

Previously only black ink could be taken out while other colour inks could not be taken out with laser as the lasers used were specifically directed towards black ink. But with changing times all the colours can be taken out with more efficient lasers.

  1. Aftercare

It is important to properly care for your skin after your session. If you do not follow the after-care instructions you will be in needless trouble with all the scabbing and bleeding. It might leave a scar if you do not take care of your skin properly.

Tattoo Removal Columbus Ohio is a painful, time taking and expensive process. It might sometimes leave you with scarring. On the bright side, you can permanently get rid of the tattoo. It’s like the tattoo never even existed in the first place. No remnants, nocover-up! But it depends on you, can you afford the procedure? Are you willing to put a lot of care and time into it? If you are willing to go through it and decided to get yourtattoo, Glitter me salon might be a good place for you.(https://glittermesalon.com/).

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