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Switch To Smart Window Shades For Your Commercial Space

 Switch To Smart Window Shades For Your Commercial Space

Smart window shades are unique sunshades that help you control your commercial space’s light and heat. It can also provide a solution to reduce the glare of your windows. You can customize the automation and other settings on these shades that enable you to get an intense or dimmable light, limit outdoor noise or tailor your system for a specific time of day. We at Blinds 2 Day offer shades that are custom fit for your windows.

You will be able to control these Smart window shades with a wireless remote, wall switch, or the use of a smartphone app. You can program the shades and monitor their status through an internet-based system. The smart shade panels can be made of fabric or wood or are created with a unique design that enables you to control the light and enjoy privacy when required. Most of them have a unique mounting system which easily fits in windows horizontally and vertically.


Features of Smart Window Shades

1. Easy to Customize

The Smart window shades can be customized according to the size of your windows, depending on the kind of light control you want. You can regulate the light and heat entering your home or office. The shades can also be fitted inside or outside your windows and help you control the glare from solid lights. These window shades allow you to easily control the temperature range of a room by making it dark when required.


2. Dimmable

You can set the dimming features of the shades according to your preferences. This option is helpful if you want a dark room. The dimming feature allows you to tailor how much light and heat enters the room. You can customize your options for controlling the light through an app or remote that you can use to control these shades.


3. Customizable

You will be able to create a custom set of shades that are perfect for your windows. The shades can be customized according to the type of light you want. You can control the light and dim it as required when it is too bright or hot. Commercial window shades can also block people outside your windows so that you don’t have to look at them while working, studying or relaxing.


4. Designed for Windows

The smart window shades are designed to fit easily inside or outside your existing windows. They are custom-made to be used with the windows of your vehicles and homes. They offer a translucent light and block out sunlight while allowing you to enjoy a view of the outside. The shades can be mounted on domestic or commercial spaces and allow you to control the light coming through your windows during the day. You can use them for private rooms, offices or your car windows.


5. Wireless Control

The shades can easily be controlled with a remote or smartphone. You can customize the settings based on your needs and preferences. Most commercial window shades are programmed to operate in line with the time of day, allowing you to block out harmful light during the day or night as per your wishes. You can also choose from a selection of fabrics and designs that suit your interior design style and tastes.



Blinds 2 Day offers the best commercial window shades from leading brands and manufacturers. We have a wide range of quality shades that offer a customized level of privacy per your needs. You can select from our wide range of window shades for your windows and enjoy the privacy you have always wanted. To know more, call today at tel:+18886362384.

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