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What Strain is Weddding Crasher?

 What Strain is Weddding Crasher?

wedding crasher strain

The wedding crasher strain is a medicated hybrid variety of Sativa dominant strains like Hybrid Kush, Pineapple Express, Northern Lights, or Cannabis Sativa. This strain was created by blending two other strains and was considered a new strain for 2015. This wedding crasher weed strain contains significant levels of cannabinoid content (13.7% THC and 18.7% CBD) and is derived from a deep red Sativa clone. This strain is an Indica high that is not known for its highs on the cerebral side. Wedding Crasher has a thick, almost leathery, outer leaf and a white seed. It has a medium-to-low Sativa flavor that has been described as citrus with grassy notes.

Wedding Crasher Profile:

The Wedding Crasher strain was bred from the famous Purple Punch and the old-world Kush. This hybrid is supposed to have excellent mental and physical effects on day-to-day life. Since this strain is cross-pollinated, there will be a few variations of this strain produced from the genetics of the Kush. This is why this strain is so much stronger than the fruit punch you may be familiar with, but it is not a higher THC strain. It is high in CBD, too.

Who Created Wedding Crasher Strain?

The wedding Crasher weed strain was created by two marijuana enthusiasts and hybridizers, Loren Driggers and her husband. They were experimenting with different strains of cannabis. They wanted to create Sativa with a similar effect to Purple Punch and the newly popular cross, Purple Punch 2, just before the Medicinal Marijuana in California law was passed. Their attempt at creating a hybrid plant resulted in a strain that is a good substitute for the fruit punch but with some unique characteristics that make it a high-quality marijuana strain in its own right. The buds from this strain are tall and skinny and easy to puff and wrap your fingers around.

What About the High?

After smoking a few tokes of wedding crasher strain, it is easy to tell you that you are smoking a particular strain of cannabis. You will quickly get a sensation like a mind and body high, and you may feel more alert and present after just a few puffs. You may not feel high as you do from other strains, but it is strong, and it is sure to have you jumping out of your seat at the movies or getting a second wind at work. This strain has a mild mental high but is quite cerebral when you smoke it. If you were looking for a strain with more headiness and psychedelic qualities, it might not be your thing, but the high effects will keep you alert and ready for whatever the day offers.

What is the Aroma and Flavor of Wedding Crasher Weed Strain?

The effects are not quite as impactful as Sour Diesel, but they are not nearly as intense as some strains, such as Hybrid X or Pineapple Express. The taste of the wedding crasher weed strain is light and citrusy. The full-body, euphoric effect from the high makes this lovely, friendly Sativa with mild energy. It will feel good on your drive home from work, and you will have a nice buzz to wake you up. Take your time smoking this strain because it will hit you in waves. You will feel normal for about an hour and then get more euphoric. After an hour or so, you will have a second wave where you will start to get high. Since the effects of the strain hit you in waves, it can be hard to see how much of an effect you are getting. You may begin to feel woozy, dizzy, and foggy.

Although it is slow to start, it will soon begin to slow down and intensify and give you the feeling that you are coming down from a genuinely transcendental experience. This strain has not been identified as potent, but it is not lacking in terms of THC or CBD levels. This strain can be had at most legal dispensaries in California and various states of the U.S., and it is also available on the black market for about $50-$60 a gram. Herbal Remedies’ Wedding Crasher Indica is an excellent strain for day-to-day life, and it is available at various cannabis and seeds providers.

What Are Some Medical Benefits of Wedding Crasher?

We haven’t even touched upon the “medical benefits” of the wedding crasher weed strain. On the one hand, it may very well be said that the combination of a pure Indica and full-force Sativa will only reinforce the many medical benefits of cannabis. It certainly brings forth the fun and euphoria often mentioned when discussing cannabis use. On the other hand, it’s hard to attribute that to the Medical-grade Wedding Crasher cannabis. Even if it were a pure Indica, it could be tough to breed this one up.

Some sources report it as a “hardy and delicious” strain that’s great for stimulating appetite, improving the immune system, and helping with medical conditions such as appetite loss, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. However, a few signs indicate this strain may be part Indica and part Sativa. Well-worn cannabis personalities speak highly of Wedding Crasher because it’s one of the rarest Indicas with no knock-offs. It’s an elusive species that you must have on your radar if you hope to obtain it.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Crasher Strain 

Overall, the wedding crasher strain is worth a try if you’re looking for different, sensory-rich sensations. Don’t be fooled by the lack of “stoning” quality that plagues many other Sativa-dominant strains. On the contrary, this strain has a unique spin on the typical weed high that will take you to the dizzy heights of the clouds without leaving you feeling like you’re dying of dehydration.

It does get you high, but it doesn’t leave you fighting to stay awake and stumbling about like you were trying to rip your face off. It’s the perfect high for stoners who love both strains and flavors, and in our experience, it’s precisely what you’d expect – an oddly-centered, fantastic new favorite.

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