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Update Standard Custom Pen Boxes into Customised with iCustomBoxes

 Update Standard Custom Pen Boxes into Customised with iCustomBoxes


Are you worried about fewer sales? Want to increase your business but not get positive feedback? Then change all product marketing strategies, including packaging. It’s because people are so brand and standard-conscious nowadays. They don’t like simple packaging. They don’t even pay attention to it. For them, it’s worthless, cheap, and money-wasting. Therefore, we urge you to buy custom pen boxes wholesale and come to people’s notice. We customize these boxes with,

  • Unique box style
  • Eye-catchy designs and images
  • Dazzling PMS and CMYK color schemes
  • Alluring add-ons

Durable box material for custom pen packaging:

Do you not compromise quality? We also don’t. Our cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and rigid material boxes are ideally durable to use for storage, dispatching, retailing, and other purposes. Also, they are eco-friendly and can be recycled. Here are the complete details regarding pen packaging.

a. Kraft and cardboard material:

You can use cardboard and kraft material boxes for regular pens business. Both are printable, customizable, durable, and economical.

b. Rigid material boxes:

As rigid material boxes are highly expensive but ideally durable. You can use them for premium pens packaging.

c. Corrugated material boxes:

The corrugated material boxes can be used for shipment purposes. They are durable and robust and make shipment safe and secure. You can add flutes to them according to the bundle weight.

Unbeatable durability with laminations and coatings:

Do you want unbeatable durability? If or want to intensify the custom pen box durability, apply laminations and coatings. They provide an extra layer of protection for the box material and printed surface. With that

  • remains safe from humidity and other environmental factors
  • Seals the printing surface due to the printed design and color do not get faded.
  • The laminations and coatings intensify the custom box beauty two times more
  • The box does not crumble and wrinkle with time.
  • It lasts long last for storage purposes
  • Does not damage or break during transportation
  • The box remains safe from scratches, dust, smudges, and fingerprint

Give premium finishing to exclusive pens with iCustomBoxes:

The exclusive pens packaging should be according to its cost. Otherwise, people will consider it relatively inexpensive. Also, it would be a bad impression If the expensive items had normal packaging. That’s why we suggest you use our alluring enhancements to give exclusive finishing. Here are a few suggestions

1. Hot stamp foiling:

People most like hot stamp foiling for premium packaging. It gives sparkling and gleaming shines, which apparently looks so eye-catchy and attractive. The foil stamping is available in all shades your want. But people prefer gold and silver stamp foiling. Both are premium shades and symbolize high class and richness. The gold stamp foiling gives a goldish majestic shine. On the other hand, silver foiling gives a moonish and gleaming effect.

2. Embossing and debossing:

The brand logo is the representative of your product. It should be written in an excellent way on the exclusive pen packaging. For that purpose, embossing and debossing can be a good idea. The embossing gives raised effect, and debossing in the opposite gives a pressed look. For the sheeny effect, you can also combine embossing and debossing with hot stamp foiling.

3. Magnetic closure:

You can customize magnetic closure on the opening of premium cardboard pen boxes. They make the box easy to open without any effort. Also, a good way to impress the high-class brand-conscious community.

4. Multi-shade ribbons:

The pens are also used for gifting purposes. You can tie the premium pen box with a ribbon to give the gift taker a surprising and exciting feel. Normally people use red shade ribbons. You can use other shades like golden, silver, copper, or pink.

5. Crafted flowers and bows:

The tiny flower or bow looks so decent and attractive on the packaging. If you like that, customize the premium pen boxes with tiny flowers. You can use woven ropes, paper, and ribbons for that.

6. Custom inserts:

To keep your expensive pen aesthetically pleasing, use custom inserts. The product looks so decent and creative with their help. Besides enhancing the product’s beauty, inserts protect it from damage by keeping it immobile. Here are the insert options.

7. Cardboard and kraft inserts:

If you want premium packaging at low rates, use cardboard and kraft inserts. The main benefit of using cardboard and kraft inserts is that they are printable. You can print them in different shades and designs with PMS and CMYK color schemes.

8. Simple foam inserts:

If you want exclusive packaging at budget-friendly rates, use simple foam inserts. These inserts are primarily used in grey, charcoal, white and grey shades. If you want other shades, we can do flocking for you.

9. EVA foam inserts:

The EVA foam inserts are ideal for durability, but at the same time, they are costly. And available in all shades. If you don’t have a budget issue, these are highly recommended.

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