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Some Tips to Resolve Slow Internet

 Some Tips to Resolve Slow Internet

You are feeling that your internet speed may exceed? But it is getting slower day by day. No worries as it is just because of some set up issues which can easily be resolved by some linksys extender setup steps. To guide you for setup and troubleshooting them as well.

 Reasons why connectivity is Sluggish?

Is your internet the slowest one in your neighborhood? Multiple devices connected to your WiFi can be a reason. Or, the router might not be working properly. No worries, in this article, we will discuss seven surefire tips to resolve sluggish connectivity. 

Improve Your Router Settings

When you test different settings on your router it could definitely improve signal strength and speeds in your home. Although, some of the routers are prioritized with bandwidth. So you have to check while you try to play any video, or video game, or stream any content. When multiple users connect to the same WiFi connection it can make the connection less effective. So try to change the entertainment settings.

Reset The Router Again

Threshold on the router, reset the device on the threshold protocol. As this protocol is compatible with transmitting the channels before bandwidth. In crowded areas like apartments which have many towers and a shopping complex, one can fiddle with the router’s fragmentation and RTS threshold settings.

Setting the threshold to a lower level can help the data packets transfer more efficiently and help in improving the reliability issues of the network.

Although, the thresholds can decrease the packet size and network performance as well. But if you have a dependable network then you can move to a wireless router and clear the spot.

Relocate The Router

The wifi router impacts the signal strength. Position the router at a higher place, to control the obstructions. Open spaces help even more in transmitting the signals easily. Do not place your router close to materials like bricks and concrete; it will not be able to broadcast the signals to the house. Great signal loss can be faced because of the number of objects around the wireless router.

Set The Antennas In A Good Direction 

Signals transfer perpendicularly as we have told above. If you have 

placed your router on the ground. Many signals will travel horizontally from the floor to reach all the parts of the house. 

By setting the router you can improve the signal and increase the internet speed as well. If you have multiple stories of home. And the antennas are exactly the opposite.

Less Distance Between The Devices

As you may notice that most of the time when you go near the router you visibly see a fast signal transformation immediately. So is the case with the extender to nearer you place it to the router; it will definitely be able to extend the signals to all the dead areas of your office and home. However, we usually make these small mistakes, and mostly no one is there to help us then. So make sure to keep the router and extender always in close proximity.

Setup Of The Extender and Router 

If you are not able to set up the router then you can log in the extender Setup steps, or you can follow the full method to form proper communication between both devices. 

  • First, power on the adaptor in the socket.
  • Then press the WPS button on both the extender and router.
  • Now see if the green light is visible on both devices. 
  • If yes then the connection is good, if not or there is red light; Then there is either no connection or a poor connection.

Channels And Bandwidth

If you are on channels which are sucking a lot of bandwidth then, you can go in the domain of the browser and change the channel bandwidth. Or you can reach the login portal of your domain and type Linksys extender login and easily change it.


We have given a lot of tips to improve the connection problem of your range extender and even given tips of extender setup. So that you can set up your extender and router without taking help of your Internet Service Provider or any technician. But if you think you are not able to do so then you can chat with us in the below chat box. 

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