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Skin-Care Routine Based On Your Period Cycle

If you want to have clear, glowing skin without any blemishes, it’s important that you follow an effective skincare routine based on your menstrual cycle. Your cycle is a very good indicator as to what kind of products will work best for you because it can determine the hormones in your body at different times. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can use your period to create a skincare regimen that works best for you.

Phases of Your Period Cycle

Before we dive into exactly which products to use during each phase of your cycle, let’s first take a look at how your menstrual cycle actually occurs. The menstrual cycle takes place over approximately 28 days. It starts with menstruation and ends with the luteal phase. During these 28 days, your hormones fluctuate as they prepare you for pregnancy. There are three phases:

  1. Menstrual Phase

The menstrual phase lasts around three to seven days. This is the time when you’re bleeding and the unfertilized egg from the previous cycle is being shed. Since pregnancy hasn’t taken place, your estrogen and progesterone levels drop, causing you to feel crampy and bloated. You may experience mood swings, anxiety, or irritability during this time as well. Make sure to be prepared with different period products such as pads, tampons, menstrual cups, or period underwear

     2. Follicular Phase

Overlapping with the menstrual phase, the follicular phase lasts around 16 days or longer, depending on your cycle. During this time, your hormones rise as you prepare yourself for fertilization. The rise of hormones is also associated with your body releasing extra estrogen to thicken the uterine lining. Since your hormones are rising, you may notice that your energy levels are high and you feel more energized throughout the day.

     3. Ovulation Phase

Ovulation is when the egg is released from the ovary and moves through the fallopian tube to meet up with a sperm cell. Once the egg meets up with the sperm, it will attach itself to the wall of the uterus. If fertilization does not occur, the egg will die. This triggers the release of another surge of estrogen and progesterone, and it’s part of the reason why you may have a higher libido and feel more confident when ovulating. 

      4. Luteal Phase

The last phase of your menstrual cycle is the luteal phase which usually lasts around two weeks. In this phase, the level of estrogen drops while the level of progesterone rises, as your body prepares for another cycle. Because of this, you may begin experiencing some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, and fatigue. However, if the egg was fertilized, you’ll soon be pregnant.

How to Base Your Skin Around Your Cycle

Creating a skincare routine based on your cycle is one of the most effective ways to keep your skin healthy and reverse aging. By understanding your cycle, you can create a routine that fits perfectly into your life. It’s good to switch up your skincare routine at every phase of your cycle because your skin needs different things at different times. 

The rise and fall of hormones cause our bodies to produce different amounts of oil and water, so having a routine that changes along with your hormone levels is beneficial. Here are some tips to help you base your skincare routine around your cycle:

  1. During the Menstrual Phase

Your skin is sensitive during this phase, so you should avoid using harsh products that strip away moisture. Instead, use products that can hydrate and nourish your skin. Products that are thicker are better for this period because they help bring back the lost oils. This includes moisturizers and creams that contain hydrating ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and aloe vera. 

     2. During the Follicular Phase

As your hormones start to rise, you may notice that your skin is improving as well. During the follicular phase, your skin is producing extra oil and the pores are opening up to allow for more oxygen and nutrients to enter your skin. You can use heavier products that stimulate the production of new cells during this phase. These include serums and masks that contain retinol, glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, and other similar ingredients. This is also a great time to try out new products since the skin is less sensitive. 

     3. During the Ovulation Phase

When you’re ovulating, your skin is naturally glowing because there’s more oil production. Use a light serum or moisturizer during this phase to boost your glow without adding too much weight to your face. If you tend to have very oily skin, it’s best to use an exfoliator or detoxifying mask to remove any impurities from your phase. This will help you maintain blemish-free skin while keeping your complexion looking radiant.

     4. During the Luteal Phase

The skin during the luteal phase tends to be puffier because of the change in hormone levels. To combat this, use skincare products that have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps keep swelling under control and prevents breakouts. You can also use products that help with congested skin, such as toners or astringents. It’s also important to use sunscreen to protect against UV rays during this phase.


By basing your skincare routine on your cycle, you can easily prevent acne breakouts and maintain healthy skin. Remember that your hormones fluctuate throughout each month, so it’s important to stay aware of what’s going on with your skin and adjust accordingly. When you know how your cycles work, you can make sure your skin looks its best all year round!

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