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Seven Tips To Quit Your Job Gracefully

 Seven Tips To Quit Your Job Gracefully

Whether you hate your boss or not, quitting the job gracefully should be your professional etiquette. Sometimes, things don’t work anymore due to a lack of promotion, a toxic work environment, etc.

Or one finds a bigger and better opportunity, and it is time to move on. At the time of resigning, one may be tempted to burn bridges, especially when one hates their job. However, it is always better to keep the relationship and resign politely.

Use These Seven Tips to Quit the Job in a Graceful Way

In case, you have decided to resign gracefully but don’t know the correct way to do so. So before you take any impulsive action, use these seven tips to resign gracefully.

1.    Ensure That You Want To Quit Your Job

Why are you leaving the position?

Why did you resign from your previous position?

You might have to face the first question from your employer and colleagues at the time of leaving. The second question would be asked during your upcoming job hunting interviews. You should ask yourself:

Why am I quitting my current position?

Come up with the answers to these questions before taking any action towards it. It saves one from future regrets. There might be a few reasons behind your resignation, but present the best reason in front of your current and future boss.

Also, make sure that your next placement is better than what you have. One of the ways to make it possible is by taking experts’ help with LinkedIn profile writing services. Their provided professional resume would lend you a better position.

2.    Don’t Tell Your Co-workers Before You Tell Your Boss

Make sure not to tell any of your co-workers before you inform your boss. They would always end up telling it to at least one person, and that one person would share it with another. In the end, your secret wouldn’t be hidden anymore. Always inform your boss first before they find out through a grapevine communication.

3.    Make Sure To Resign In Person

We guess you wouldn’t want your boss to say “don’t hire him/her” to your prospects, right? Resigning in person can make your heart hamper in your chest, but it is the most suitable thing to do.

Make sure to act upon the following tips while informing your boss about this decision:

  • Talk politely
  • Avoid burning any bridges
  • Pick a few reasons to thank them
  • Give them a solid reason behind your decision
  • Don’t go into detail about why the place was awful or why you hated this job

4.    How Long Notice Should The Notice Period Be?

The question arises of how long notice is appropriate. Two weeks is the ideal duration for your notice. It is neither less nor more. We understand if you are sick of the sight of your job, you would want to run away from there ASAP.

If you don’t want your reputation to get hurt, give it at least two weeks period. Your employers would need that period to either find a better replacement or divide your task among their existing employees.

5.    Write a Letter Of Resignation

Carefully write your letter of resignation to your boss. If it went even slightly wrong, can hurt your future self. However, doing it in the right way would leave a good impression of yours on them forever. Time can be very unpredictable.

If you ever need your position back, or you want a reference, your boss would agree if you quit the job gracefully. Make sure to include these things in your resignation letter:

  • First of all, mention that you are resigning and the reason behind it
  • Mention when would be your last day at work
  • State some things that you find positive about the company
  • Wish good luck to the company, and thank them for the guidance they provided

Just like resigning gracefully would increase the chances for a better opportunity, professional CV writing also plays the same role. Take efforts to maximize the odds of you getting the best chance.

6.    Write a Goodbye Email to Your Co-workers

Once you have sent a letter of resignation, then comes time to write a goodbye email to your co-workers. It wouldn’t just show your respect for them, but it is also a good way of networking. Write in a way that they remember you in good words, as this would be favourable for your career.

In case, you couldn’t get a letter of recommendation from your boss, ask your influential team members for it. A letter of recommendation from your authoritative co-workers can also be helpful. Follow the below tactics while crafting a goodbye letter:

  • Your email should be precise
  • Send personal emails instead of group ones
  • Avoid bragging about yourself. Instead, mention something good about them
  • Show them respect and that you would like to stay in touch with them.

7.    Take Care of the Little Things Before Leaving

Take care of the little things before you leave the place to avoid any further headaches. Pay vigilant attention to the following things:

  • Be aware of when you can pick up your last cheque or if there’s any coming.
  • Make sure to be aware of the HR policy regarding a holiday or paid leaves after notice.
  • If you’re having any of the company’s property, be sure to return it to them. Any minor dishonesty can ruin your reputation.

Key Takeaways

The above seven tips would help resign most gracefully. Let’s talk about the major key takeaways.  Always make sure that you are ready to leave the job and what are the major reasons behind it. Avoid telling your co-workers about your decision before informing the boss.

Always resign in person rather than through an email or message, unless you’re doing a remote job. Your notice period should be of two weeks and be careful while emailing the letter of resignation. Lastly, don’t forget to write a goodbye email to your co-workers and clean up any money details.

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