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Semi-Automatic Guided Vehicles -Automatic Driving Lessons

 Semi-Automatic Guided Vehicles -Automatic Driving Lessons

Once upon a time, when asked to imagine how human beings would live in the future, many thought of “flying machines” and cars that could drive themselves, automatic driving lessons. An idea, the latter, which inspired the science fiction stories of great writers such as Isaac Asimov, but which today is starting to become a concrete reality.

Self-driving vehicles

In recent years, various companies and research organizations have created prototypes of self-driving vehicles. However, to get into a driverless car, automatic driving lessons i.e. a vehicle in which it will be possible to read a book, write e-mails, or rest while the car goes to its destination on its own, Automatic car driving lessons it will be necessary to wait a long time.

The evolution process of vehicles, and infrastructures but also the habits of motorists can only be gradual. From this point of view, semi-automatic or assisted driving systems represent a first step in this direction.

The development of a system capable of allowing motor vehicles to move autonomously under certain conditions is the objective of the Just Pass (Programmable Systems for Intelligence in Automobiles) research project, co-financed by the UK Commission, automatic driving lessons.

Automatic driving lessons

The Just Pass project, which kicked off last May, involves the development of a reliable semi-autonomous driving system, based on the integration of different technologies and sensors such as Radar, LiDAR, cameras, and communication systems with the road infrastructure, i.e. a vast range of devices able to interpret the surrounding reality and to interface with man. The set of information acquired (road and traffic conditions, automatic driving lessons, presence of crossroads, construction sites, traffic jams, accidents, etc.) is collected and processed to create a reliable perception of the scenario in which the vehicle is moving.

The objective to which the consortium of about 60 partners from 14 different countries participating in Just Pass aims is ambitious: to arrive at a new concept of mobility in which the driver can devote himself to other activities or relax, without having to be constantly forced to I control my vehicle, except being able to take the controls again as soon as I receive an emergency warning from the on-board devices.

Just Pass Driving School

Within the Just Pass project, a cluster of Italian companies, universities, and research institutions was set up, which was assigned the task of developing some enabling technologies that will be integrated into a driving simulator and onboard a demonstrator vehicle.

Specifically, Just Pass role will be to develop a video acquisition and processing system, Automatic driving lessons in coventry, to monitor the driver’s status inside the vehicle and his ability to take and maintain control of it.

To achieve this result, in automatic driving lessons, we will create advanced video analysis algorithms, using an innovative approach based on neural networks, which will make it possible to determine in real time what actions the driver is performing. The information obtained from the processing of images from an onboard camera and the processing of the acquired audio signal will be used by the arbitration and sharing control module, the software that has the task of supporting the driver in driving the vehicle, partially or completely replacing it now.

Assistance in driving-automatic car

Furthermore, we will develop specific video analysis software modules capable of determining the state of road safety, contributing to the creation of the video monitoring system within the test area in which the tests will be performed: also in this case the analysis of the images acquired by cameras distributed in the area will make it possible to detect events that affect safety, obtaining real-time information on the state of the road infrastructure.

To carry out the tests, the Just Pass team makes use of the collaboration of MASA (Modena Automotive Smart Area), the first Italian experimentation laboratory created to test and validate automated and connected vehicles.

Test Drive

Within an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters, set up with a network of IoT sensors, cameras, “intelligent” traffic lights, WiFi, and 5G communication, all the typical scenarios of an urban environment are reproduced. The tests will be performed using a demonstrator vehicle, supplied by Just Pass, specially equipped with the sensors necessary for the operation of the semi-automatic driving system.

The research activities include validation in different use cases, such as the interaction between vehicles and “intelligent” road signs.

the safety of Vulnerable Road Users (pedestrians and cyclists), as well as human-machine interaction during the transition from automatic driving to manual driving.

The challenge

Autonomous and semi-autonomous driving systems represent one of the most important technological challenges of the twenty-first century, automatic driving lessons coventry, automatic driving lessons.

An innovation capable of changing the world, but whose success depends on the reliability and safety of all the elements that make up the system.

Two qualities that have always characterized Just Pass software solutions.

About us

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