• July 19, 2024

Reasons to choose powder brows over microblading?

If you have considered getting semi-permanent brows but you are not sure which one is Better, then worry not, we are here for you to provide you with some advice. Before we jump into the reasons why powder brows are better, let us first understand how exactly they differ from each other.
Microblading vs Powder brows
While both come under the category of semi-permanent makeup they essentially differ in the technique and result. The difference is very subtle but is completely different. While microblading aims for a more natural look, powder brows give a more freshly applied make-up look. Microblading is done by using hair-like strokes but powder brows are done by pin-drop application of the pigment.
The process of creating powder brows Orlando is also called microshading and powder brows are also called ombre brows.
Let’s weigh the Pros and Cons
1. The procedure
Microblading uses manual tools to get the pigment into the superficial layers of skin. Your brow shape can be created by using a template or freehanding. Microblading generally uses organic pigments and your microblading artist makes one stroke at a time to create hyper-realistic brows.
Microshading uses ultra-fine needles and a permanent makeup device, the pigment is introduced into the skin by pin-drop application of the needle.
The difference, while microblading gives younatural and defined brows, microshading gives you a powdery make-up like effect. It depends on you to choose. Everyone makes different choices, some are into a natural look while some like the make-up look.
2. Skin type
Microblading is suited best for dry skin, as the hair strokes heal better and give the desired effect on dry skin. Microshading however is technologically more advanced and gives the best effect even on oily and acne-prone skin and suits all skin types, unlike microblading.
3. The result
The result is better with powder brows Orlando as they are done with permanent makeup devices. Microblading requires more touch-ups and there are few negative long term effects. There is pigment retention in the case of microblading, the pigment does not naturally fade away instead it gets looks making your brows look awkward. This is not usuallywith powder brows. Powder brows also tend to last longer and require fewer touch-up sessions.
4. Healing time.
Microblading is a more invasive procedure and goes deeper than microshading, hence they heal slowly compared to powder brows. It takes around 2 weeks to heal in the case of microblading but only 4-5 days in the case of microshading.

Powder brows were initially created to give a more make-up like effect for individuals who preferred a makeup look. The powder brows exceeded the expectations with their versatile nature and lesser negative effects. Microblading is more invasive when compared to microshading and the results are better with powder brows. Microshading can be done on any skin type and is not just restricted to dry skin types. There is no pigment retention and it takes lesser time to heal. Powder brows are a better deal for the same price. If you are convinced and want to get powder brows Orlando, check Fab Lab at https://fablabfl.com/.

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