• May 22, 2024

Top Rated Readymade Real Estate Portal in Gurgaon

 Top Rated Readymade Real Estate Portal in Gurgaon

Readymade Real Estate Portal

Get your very own Real Estate Portal from Book My Project. The actual property portal lets in actual property corporations and dealers to listing their houses on their internet site. The traffic can browse the belongings listings, view belongings pix and may enroll in the internet site mailing listing to live in touch.


What you will get: Fully working & running Real Estate Portal for Lifetime.

1. Unlimited Projects and Resale Properties Listings

Unlimited! Yes, you can upload unlimited projects and Real Estate Portal from your Admin Panel and users can have access to  the same form user end and explore the number of projects and properties of their choice on their  fingertips.

2. Full Content Management from admin panel

Real Estate Portal Now you can handle all the content management from your Admin Panel. Whatever changes you wish to do, you can do it in fraction of seconds from your admin panel and it will be live instantly. This feature enables you to do the changes very frequently.

3. Unlimited Content Page Add from admin

Admin panel gives you complete access to manage all your portal content pages from backend. You can add/ edit/ delete unlimited pages from admin panel anytime. Real Estate Portal Now you do not need to wait or to be dependent to anyone to do the changes. It is as easy as you work in Word.

4. Search Panel for the Project and Property Listings

Users will get the advanced Search panel for searching the properties from user end. They just need to enter the name of the project and our advanced search panel will throw the desired results according to their requirement and they can easily click on the details of the project and inquire for the same.

5. News and Events Management

You can upload the latest Real Estate Portal news and regulations on the portal from your admin panel anytime and can activate or deactivate as well as per your need. Also you can upload the latest events happening around from your admin panel.

6. Feedback Form

To be in touch with the clients and to get the regular feedback from them is very important today. Our real estate portal comes with Feedback form from where they can share their experience about your services and you can serve them accordingly.

7. Add Property Country, State, City and Locality wise

In this digital era every company is working globally and people are also showing interest in exploring the properties around the globe. So our Advance Readymade Real Estate Portal Admin Panel allows you to add Country / State / City / Locality so that people can search according to their requirements.

8. Get Specific Property and Project query on your mail and admin panel

Gone are the days when you need to ask the customer for their requirements. Now our Real Estate portal comes with the advance Inquiry form so whenever any customer fills any inquiry for any project then you will get the specific inquiry details of that project only and you need not to ask again from them.

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