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Summers are the most uncomfortable weather of all time when it comes to wearing clothes. Summers are itchy, and sweaty making us feel like wearing clothes that keep us cool and calm. Linen is better than cotton, silk and even rayon when it comes to beating the heat. The heat during summer is incredibly high, making linen clothes a perfect choice to wear. This fabric saree is absorbent, smooth, and soft, which will keep you comfortable and cool. 

You’ll find many designers using this fabric in their collection to make it more popular. A wardrobe of traditional clothing is not complete without a linen saree. 

Origin of linen saree

When humans started creating plant fibre into clothes in those initial days, line cloth has been traced since then. The name Linen is derived from the Latin word Linum, which refers to a flax plant. From 5000 B.C the weaving of Linen saree began.  From the flowers of flax, which are found in central Asia and the Mediterranean region. During those times, the sarees were made by hand which gave them a bit more rough finishing than the Wholesale sarees today. The saree took more time to be woven, but they were always worth it. No matter if you are wearing it casually or for work, this is the perfect choice for you. 



Linen can be worn in any weather due to its versatility. This makes it popular apparel among the ladies. Fashion designers with their keen knowledge knew about this rising piece of fabric and created many masterpieces with it. There are many designers who are blending this amazing fabric into other fabrics to create more signature outfits. 

These sarees come in many beautiful colors of pastels, neons, and muted neutrals which makes them perfect for both work and casual wear. 


If you are in search of comfortable sarees, which not only give you comfort but even bring the missing charm in you. Then Linen sarees are just right for you. Line when blended with some traditional fabrics such as silk, or cotton it becomes more comfortable and stylish. Silk Linen sarees always end up soaking extra moisture from your body to keep you refreshed. 

The reason Linen Silk sarees are this popular is because of their natural luster which comes from both linen and silk. This combination is a perfect example of Ethnic wear. 


Linen sarees are worn by women, to bring that modernity to their everyday looks. The best part of having a linen saree is that it can be worn easily as anything, be it for a boho look, casual look, or a festive look. 

You can even look formal with these sarees by pairing them with a blouse. Linen sarees come in a great variety of patterns like flowers, checks, pakistani suits, and many such. They7 pastel shades of these sarees are eye-catching too. These pastel hues are perfect for everyday use and even festive looks. 


Many people state that linen is worn only by women older in age, but that’s not true. Linen is an amazing, lightweight, fresh and the most appealing fabric out there which is perfect for women of every age. Styling and draping it in a great way along with some accessories can give you many great looks. The various ways in which we can drape this saree bring the wearer amazing confidence. 


Indian culture is known for its heritage and traditions. Saree is one of them. The flowy nature of linen makes it perfect for every woman as it falls perfectly on women’s curves. Housewives prefer this saree as they keep them cool and comfortable in the humid weather of our country. 

Linen absorbs moisture very easily, which makes it another great reason. Without moisture, the chances of rashes in women decrease. Linen sarees come in many patterns and colors. With every wash, linen becomes more comfortable and soft. 


Linen fabric was initially made for higher-class women, due to its weaving process and elegance of the fabric. But later with much latest technology and advancement and with the blend of these fabrics they were seen and available for everyone. 

Linen sarees get creases very easily, as they have their many characteristics from cotton which is also a plant-based fabric. But that doesn’t make it look bad. 

The messy look of creases is the most attractive part of linen, but if you are not fond of creases you can just iron them for crease-free clothing. The linen sarees have amazing patterns on them making them loved worldwidely, and to be worn on occasions like receptions, evening parties, or even housewarmings. 

Linen sarees have a rapid increase in demand due to their budget-friendly prices, breathtaking design patterns, and the comfort we always seek for. Linen is lightweight, durable and beautiful. This saree can be worn the whole day if chosen in a sturdy fabric. This saree is available in every cost range, but make sure you buy the one with many thread counts to make it worth the purchase. Line sarees are bought for their classy and corporate looks too. When paired with minimal jewelry, the linen saree looks breathtaking. Linen comes in many shades, but hues like yellow, blue, black, white, and red are such which are found the most in this fabric saree. 

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