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Pros and Cons of a Mental Health App for the Workplace

 Pros and Cons of a Mental Health App for the Workplace

There has been a rise in the number of companies providing mental health apps in response to the growing significance of this issue.

These apps give users access to a wide range of self-care options, including those related to mental health.

Follow on for some pros and downsides of using a mental health app in the workplace.

Pros of MHAs (mental health apps)

According to research from Monash University, a large percentage of people (76%) are interested in utilizing their mobile phones for self-management and self-monitoring of mental health if offered at no cost.

The following are three advantages of using an MHA.

·       Achievable With Little Effort

There is little doubt that technological advancements have opened up a wealth of new opportunities for mental health care.

Cell phones and tablets have opened up new communication channels for mental health professionals to use with their clients.

The convenience of having a mental health app on hand at any time is probably its greatest strength.

In China, for instance, 91% of respondents to a survey see a good role for technology in promoting health and wellness.

These days, it’s possible for workers to get help for their mental health right from their mobile devices.

In particular, for newcomers to the field, MHAs provide an excellent foundation for understanding mental health care.

Traditional, in-person treatment can be daunting for some patients; others can’t afford it.

Some people may be intimidated into not seeking help for their mental health because of the persistent negative stigmas.

Still others, especially those living in more remote places, may have trouble getting to services in person.

People can get mental health care without leaving the comfort of their own homes if they have access to services on their own devices.

·       Benefits to Health Are Amplified

One of the biggest stressors on employees’ mental health in the workplace, according to a 2021 survey of the Asia-Pacific area, was their heavy workload and long hours.

Today, more than ever, it’s crucial that businesses prioritize their workers’ health and well-being by providing them with benefits and resources.

It has been shown that people’s mental health improves noticeably after using MHAs built properly.

Companies can do their part to foster a positive and healthy work environment by implementing MHAs, which are both easy to implement and highly beneficial.

This demonstrates the importance placed on employees’ mental health and provides them with easy access to necessary services.

·       Expense Reduction

Numerous people put off seeking help for their mental health because they fear they won’t be able to afford the costly commitment that therapy requires.

Apps designed to aid mental health issues are becoming increasingly accessible and cost-effective.

Issues with MHAs (mental health apps)

Over 165,000 mental health apps were identified in an IMS health survey.

Apps like these have many advantages, but they also have some drawbacks.

Here are three widespread problems with these types of apps:

·       Insufficient Evidence of Effectiveness

A wide variety of apps cater to people’s psyches.

Effectiveness evaluations by human resources departments might be challenging as a result.

The University of Liverpool conducted a study that found that experimental evidence for mental health applications is lacking in comparison to other forms of self-help.

·       Secrecy Issues

Despite the undeniable rise in the popularity of mental health apps over the past few years, some users remain wary due to privacy fears.

Because of the sensitive nature of the data handled by apps, developers must implement measures to protect user privacy.

·       The Services Provided Are Inadequate

As a result of trying to appeal to the broadest possible audience, many mental health applications may not be effective in certain situations.

For instance, those in the workforce who already experience relatively little stress might benefit from using a meditation app.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be able to do anything to help workers who are experiencing mental health issues like depression, burnout, or stress.

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