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Effective ways to promote your YouTube Channel on Social Media

 Effective ways to promote your YouTube Channel on Social Media

promote youtube channel on social media

With more than 90% of the world population using social media applications today. Social media platforms have become the best way to promote your creativity and your youtube channel on such platforms. This article will discuss some of the best ways to promote your YouTube channel on social media platforms.

There are multiple users using social media platforms, such as there are people who use them for connecting with others, while business platforms use them to generate potential leads for their business.

There are numerous uses for social media platforms, you can use it to increase followers for your social media profiles or you can even use it to expand your youtube channel.

When you start your youtube channel, you must focus not only on uploading the content but also on sharing it on different platforms, so that you can increase your subscribers and your watch time. You can also increase your engagement by promoting your YouTube channel on social media platforms.

Let’s discuss some of the best social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel.


With over half a billion users, this social media platform is one of the best platforms to share your creative content with a huge audience and increase your reach and engagement.

Though promoting your Youtube channel through Instagram may not be very easy yet there are some of the things that you can follow, such as you can post the same video on youtube and then you can post the same video on Instagram in form of reels and short videos.

It takes some time to put in your efforts and get good results in promoting your YouTube channel. To promote your channel you actually need to put in your best efforts to get the best results.


Pickzon is one more best social media app that you can use to promote your YouTube channel. You can use this social media application to promote your channel by sharing small clips of your long YouTube videos, or by sharing posts regarding your coming YouTube videos.

You can also share polls and ask questions to your audience regarding the content that they want to see on your YouTube channel. If you share content that your followers are most willing to watch, then you can get more exposure on your social media.

On the Pickzon App, you can share the link to your YouTube channel or the link to your recent video that you just posted on your channel.

Collaborate with other creators:

There is another way of promoting your YouTube channel through collaboration with other creators on the platform. You can also share your guest appearances on others’ YouTube channels.

By giving your appearance on the Youtube channel of other creators, you actually get exposure to a very wide audience of that particular creator.

So this can be the best thing to have growth for your channel and find new audiences that can have a long-term relationship with your channel and community.

You can share the topics of your upcoming videos with other creators and can plan to create a collaborative video on that particular topic.


Twitter is another social media platform that you can utilize to share your video with a huge audience and can actually get feedback for your videos and get connected with your potential subscribers.

This a popular platform for sharing content with hashtags and reaching a large audience that can be your potential subscribers.

You can share it very easily on Twitter, by easily uploading your videos and links in your posts and it can bring you more shares as Twitter has an amazing feature called Retweets and shares.

But before jumping on to any of these platforms make sure you study all the platforms well and find one that is relevant to your business needs and that can make you grow your channel.


In final words, we would like to conclude that the aforementioned platforms are the best to promote your YouTube channel on social media. You can review all the platforms and then select any one out of these platforms to actually start promoting your channel and content.

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