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PR In Canada For Indian Students In A Post-Pandemic Times- Most Preferred

 PR In Canada For Indian Students In A Post-Pandemic Times- Most Preferred


Canada is seen as a safe haven by students. With programs in pure and applied sciences, business and trade, Canadian universities offer students a variety of courses. In addition, international students are offered several benefits like scholarships by the government and universities, post-study work opportunities, PR, etc.

PR Canada from India has one of the most searched words on Google. Even with the pandemic raging, the Canadian government paid particular attention to international students and their academia. The pandemic situation in India affected the admission of several students who were due to join undergraduate and Master’s programs in Canada.

Once studying in Canada, students find the environment quite appealing and apply for post-study work permits and then eventually PR. The statistics shared by the Canadian High Commission in Delhi state that nearly 100,000 were granted study permits abroad in only the first four months of 2021.

With its flexible visa policies and large intake for the fall and spring semesters, Canada has allowed Indian students to participate even in these challenging times. While most Master’s students have started their term online, many undergraduate applicants were unsure of their application because of misaligned academic years. The Covid-19 situation greatly varies from country to country, and with that, the academic calendar does too. Canadian institutions have made special provisions for high school students wanting to pursue undergraduate courses. Due to results being delayed, students and their parents have been underconfident concerning admissions. Canada’s Covid readiness has made early admission possible with a hybrid study plan for students joining later.

Students often opt to stay in the country they studied. Be it because of job opportunities or a certain lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to. With affordable living prices and robust GDP, it is a prime country to raise a family. In 2020 itself, Canada will have 40,000 international students PR. Among them, the majority being Indians can be seen as a massive opportunity for our country’s youth.

Canada’s pragmatic approach towards PR and border restrictions has proven to be beneficial to many Indian students and their families. Parents looking to move with their children can now apply for temporary work visas. Canada offers employment opportunities in various industries. Healthcare, IT, business, finance, and even applied sciences.

The government would look at the existing foreign talent in Canada to discover asylum seekers, students, and workers with abilities aligned with key economic services. International students are “especially appealing” as potential counter-forces to the impacts of an aging population. As a result, the Canadian government is making it easier for them to work here.

During May 2020 and April 2021, Canada has enabled online education at a Canadian-recognized learning institution to credit toward future Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility. International students prize the PGWP because it allows them to earn the Canadian work experience they need to be eligible for a variety of economic immigration programs. The Canadian Experience Class of Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and the Quebec Experience Program are among these programs. Due to this, PR Canada from India has become a viable option for many.

Offering new PR options to current students, foreign employees, and asylum seekers in Canada has two key advantages. First, this will compensate for the pandemic’s temporary decrease in immigration, boosting economic development in the short term. Second, it will benefit Canada in the long run since immigrants with Canadian experience have a better chance of finding work.

Working professionals can apply for family visas easily. Spouse visa Canada requirements include proof of employment, proof of relationship, annual income, and other background documentation.

The process can be laborious, but with immigration specialists, you can get visa approval quickly. Visa specialists give you a checklist of spouse visa Canada requirements and sponsorship requirements. As a result, the whole process is simplified for you and your family and get work permit for spouse in canada.

Canadian visa application centers have started accepting biometric applications since May of 2021. Fully vaccinated students and working professionals with the right covid protocol can immigrate to Canada. The border restrictions have been lifted in phases aiding the staff working in both Canada and India. Appropriate quarantine timelines and other mandatory health check-ups have ensured that the country’s health is not compromised. In addition, students traveling abroad can partake in early vaccination drives set up by state governments.

Immigration minister Marco Mendicino recognizes the strength immigration has on Canada’s economic development. He has also said that the contributions of immigrant students and working professionals have had a lasting impact on the country’s economic well-being. This statement of the assemblyman has inspired many students to chase their dream of studying in Canada proactively.

Even with travel restrictions in place in most parts of the world, both the Indian and Canadian governments take critical steps concerning student immigration. Therefore, students are advised to speak directly to their institute in Canada concerning their academic schedules and Covid-19 protocol.

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