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resources are available to people with disabilities

 resources are available to people with disabilities

A variety of resources are available to people with disabilities that help them live more independently. This includes helping them find ways to complete everyday tasks that they struggle to do on their own.

It also helps them combat social isolation, which can increase feelings of depression and anxiety. These support workers can plan activities that get you out into the community and around other people.

Support workers

Support workers are vital to disability services. They enable people with disabilities to live independently while still having access to the community. They often work with a small group of clients and can develop relationships that provide emotional support, companionship, and a sense connection.

They work full-time or part-time, often on a rota of shifts that include early mornings and evenings, weekends and bank holidays. Some support workers may be on call at all times to provide emergency support, such as when someone is injured or falls ill.

Being a disability support worker can make you a great career. You get to help people with different needs. You can make it work around your family and other commitments, or you can be flexible.

Community activities

Community activities are a great way to keep older adults and people with disabilities connected with their communities. These activities allow them to meet new people and have a lot of fun.

Young people who are involved in community activities are more satisfied with their lives, feel valued and appreciated, and have positive feelings about the community. These positive feelings can lessen the risk of melancholy and depression.

These activities are often organized by volunteers or organizations in the community that benefit from the work done. These projects could include cleaning up a neighborhood or collecting food cans and non-perishables to donate to a local food bank or visiting the homes of seniors or disabled residents.

Volunteering in a group is a great way to build community and a sense belonging. It is also a way to teach kids and teens the importance of giving back to their communities. It’s a great way to make friends and show kindness. Both are vital for a successful adulthood.

Behaviour assessment

Behavioral assessment is the process of observing, describing and explaining behaviour. It is a valuable tool in disability services, especially in education or clinical settings.

For example, when assessing the challenging (problem) behaviour of children with learning disabilities, specialists may need to make use of a range of methods such as interviews, direct observation and structured record keeping. They must also assess a person’s psychological and physical health, as well as their social and environmental quality, and the ability of staff to deliver their interventions.where to get circumcisions adelaide

Functional behaviour assessments can be used to help understand why someone is acting out (problem) and how to prevent it from happening again. These assessments can include interviews with family members, caregivers, and others as well as direct observation of the person’s behavior in different situations.


Accessibility means that you make it easy for everyone to use your service. That includes all types of disabilities, from visual to hearing or mobility to cognitive (memory and thinking).

The importance of accessibility in disability services can’t be overstated. It’s not about putting people with disabilities first. It’s about acknowledging that all human beings are capable of intrinsic worth, dignity, and multiple talents.

It’s about making sure your services are a place where all your customers feel valued and included. By making them accessible, you are making the most of their abilities and ensuring they can use your services to their full potential.

At Dominican University, we believe that it is important for all students to have equal access to our programs, services and activities. That is why we have an office dedicated to ensuring that all our services are accessible for students with documented physical, learning and psychological disabilities.


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