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Paul Favret Discusses Why Solar Energy Is Becoming More Popular

 Paul Favret Discusses Why Solar Energy Is Becoming More Popular

Advocates of solar power have long known the several advantages of harnessing this clean, renewable energy source. As these advantages are becoming all the more apparent to a larger number of people, it is gradually driving up the overall positive perception of solar energy among the general population.

Paul Favret points out that amidst the growing concerns related to global warming and climate change, the popularity of solar power has especially surged up.

Paul Favret talks about the factors contributing to the growing popularity of solar energy

Many people today try to explore ways to keep their carbon footprints in check. Even though volunteering to protect rainforests or to take part in a climate march might be out of your comfort zone of a person, choosing to install solar panels at home is a practical way to take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Solar power is generated with the help of photovoltaic technology. It is natural, renewable, and clean. Solar energy does not involve the burning of any fossil fuels or the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to the global climate change crisis. It also helps people to avoid contributing to the high levels of water and air pollution associated with the collection of fossil fuels.

No one likes to receive a high energy bill at the end of the month. Conventional energy expenses are skyrocketing with every passing day, and are expected to keep rising in the new future. Hence, it makes sense to choose to invest in more financially sound alternatives like solar power that provide good returns on investment in the long run. Residential solar energy systems have become more affordable than before owing to advances in manufacturing technology and a glut in the market.

Even though some people might be tempted to wait for solar prices to further decline, they must know that every bill they pay for conventional energy is essentially money thrown away forever. On the other hand, even though the installation of solar energy systems does require a larger upfront cost, it is a form of long-term investment. According to expert estimates, solar energy systems tend to pay for themselves in as little as five years and can save people thousands of dollars in power bills after that.

Paul Favret mentions that in addition to cutting down conventional power usage, the use of solar energy systems comes with major financial benefits. Depending on the location of a person, there can be many government incentives for users of solar power that would aid people to save on both installation and operational expenses. Feed-in tariffs are another way through which users of solar power can make a profit. If the solar panels installed at a house produce more energy than the batteries of the homeowner, the excess energy can be sold back to the energy grid operator. These feed-in tariffs can offset the household expenses of a person. Moreover, as homebuyers become more conscious about the environment and sustainability, a solar energy system can add substantial value to the sale price of a property.

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