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Overview of Men’s Reproductive Health & Issues Related To ED

 Overview of Men’s Reproductive Health & Issues Related To ED

Male reproductive system issues are often kept under wraps fearing social stigma and embarrassment. This is the primary reason why they are not addressed in general medical practice. While women are encouraged to get themselves treated for reproductive disorders, society turns a blind eye to men’s intimate issues.

Some of the common issues affecting male reproductive health include loss of libido, ED, PE, and testicular, and prostate disorders. Patients affected by such conditions exhibit typical physical and behavioural symptoms.

Let us go through some of the general issues:


  • Older Men ED Issues – Difficulty in maintaining an erection to satisfy your partner fully is known as ED. A scientific study revealed that ED symptoms are directly correlated with age and unhealthy lifestyles. 3 percent of men aged between 40 to 49 years have difficulty getting erections and almost 65 percent of men aged between 70 to 79 years cannot effectively maintain one. Older men with heart conditions or faulty arterial flow to the genital area can also cause ED issues.


  • Younger Men with ED Problems – Younger men with ED can be due to various psychological causes like stress, work pressure, and performance anxiety to name a few. Furthermore, relationship stress resulting from poor communication with a partner can also cause dysfunction in males. Young men who are addicted to substance abuse can also have trouble maintaining a proper erection.

Can ED negatively affect your life?

ED should be taken seriously. It can negatively impact your life. It can harm you both physically and emotionally. You may have to deal with low confidence and low self-esteem. Not being able to satisfy your partner can make you angry, frustrated, sad, and dejected. Bedroom issues often escalate and may affect your everyday life. However, modern science can offer you the best possible treatment for ED through oral pills, therapy, or advanced treatments such as testosterone replacement surgery.

Can Oral Medications Improve ED

Oral medications can be the first option for ED treatment by doctors. For men who have trouble maintaining a firm erection, these medications work very well and cause minimal side effects. Oral medications like Sildigra Super Power can help improve your carnal performance. It is a mixture of two powerful medicines Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, useful in eliminating ED as well as PE issues.  It is a productive drug used to relax muscles and increase blood flow to genital areas.

Risk Factors for ED

Bad lifestyle choices can include a poor diet, smoking, obesity, no exercise, poor quality diet, and consuming excess alcohol can all lead to such a condition. Lifestyle factors can also contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disorders, and cancer.

If a pill can change your life, then you need to approach Blue Magic Pills, a top-ranking pharmacy in India. The company offers branded and generic oral medications to cure reproductive health problems for men and women. Sildigra Super Power is one such magical pill that has been the most potent medicine in treating common reproductive health disorders such as impotence, ED, and PE.

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