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Outbound Calling Software

 Outbound Calling Software

Outbound calling software is an essential tool for marketing and sales teams to improve their outreach campaigns. It allows them to reach more people, increase their agent productivity, and close deals faster.

It also allows agents to route calls to the right agent based on the customer’s profile or issue. This helps maintain consistency of service and build meaningful relationships with customers.


Ameyo is a centralized platform for customer-facing agents to respond to and engage customers through email, voice, chat, and social media. The software also lets them switch between different channels seamlessly to keep the customer experience consistent and convenient.

Ameyo integrates smoothly with leading CRMs like Zendesk, Freshdesk Mint, LeadSquared, Zoho, Sugar and Kapture to improve agent productivity by eliminating the need to manually switch tabs. It helps them get a complete view of the customer journey and enables smooth CTI integration to enhance first call resolution rate for improved customer satisfaction.

Ameyo also offers predictive dialing capability to improve the outbound calling process. Its intelligently built dialer can detect when to call a customer based on the data it has collected from past interactions and initiate the call when it is most likely to connect with the customer. It can also track missed calls and initiate follow-ups automatically, saving time for the agents.


Bitrix24 is a cloud-based platform that offers a lot of collaboration tools. Its features include project management, CRM, calendars, email marketing, and phone management.

Its telephony feature makes it easy to communicate with clients and customers. It also lets you record your calls and monitor their performance over time.

In addition, Bitrix24 has a social intranet that’s great for sharing updates with colleagues. It also has a variety of communication tools, including chat and video conferencing.

You can also track your team’s work hours, which makes it easier to see how well they are doing. You can also assign tasks and delegate them to different team members.

Bitrix24’s telephony software is free, and it comes with a free virtual call center. It also has a customer relationship management (CRM) that works seamlessly with your outbound calling campaigns.

Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is a comprehensive outbound calling software that offers omnichannel support and AI-powered cloud solutions to help your call center exceed customer expectations. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it supports all communication channels including phone calls, video, SMS, text messaging, and social media.

The call center software also provides a full set of CRM tools to track customers’ journeys across multiple channels. This ensures a personalized experience for every customer and boosts overall performance.

With Bright Pattern, agents can access all customer information, like phone numbers, interaction history, and call transcripts, in the background, so they can deliver a seamless experience. This helps them direct customers to knowledge articles, record and analyze conversations, and improve various call center metrics.

Bright Pattern is available for both on-premises and cloud deployments, and can integrate with CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, and Oracle Service Cloud. It can also integrate with your business’s own system of records.


CallHub is a cloud telephony platform designed to reach a large number of people in an instant. Its phone banking software, voice broadcasting, sms marketing and text to join services are used by social impact organizations and businesses worldwide.

The platform allows users to make calls one by one, dial multiple numbers in one go, and use predictive calling algorithms. It also enables users to integrate with CRM and sync data automatically.

Its automatic call software weeds out unproductive numbers so that you can focus on the ones that work for your campaign. It improves calling efficiency by 4X and helps you stay compliant with privacy laws.

Its platform runs on web browsers, which makes it easy for remote teams to use. Agents can join a campaign from their computers or mobile phones, and the system automatically places calls for them. They can also enter notes during their calls, and the system will recommend scripts that they can use.

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