• April 13, 2024

Ombre Powder Brows: Everything you need to know

Semi-permanent makeup has been trending for quite a while now. It is opted for by people of all financial backgrounds, be it celebrities or everyday people. With the entire buzz around semi-permanent makeup, you must have heard about Ombré powder brows, San Diego.

What are powder brows?

Microshading is a procedure of introducing pigment into the superficial layers of your skin that is the epidermis to give you a freshly applied make-up look. It is semi-permanent and lasts for 3 years. It is very different from tattooing as the pigment is introduced very deep into the skin.

Benefits of microshading

  1. Low effort, best looks!

It is a lot of effort to draw in brows every single day. It is even more cumbersome to make them look flawless and symmetrical. Microshading allows you to have flawless brows without any effort. You can wake up looking flawless, something which we have only seen in movies.

  1. No touch-ups

With regular makeup, there is a constant need for touch-ups. It needs to stand the test of time and remain on your face which is quite difficult, to be honest. However, with powder brows, your eyebrows will always be on fleek. There is no need to constantly adjust your makeup.

  1. Cost-effective

You can throw your eyebrow powder and pencils away after getting your Ombre Powder Brows San Diego. You don’t need to buy these products constantly and can channel that money into something else. You rarely need to visit your aesthetician after getting the procedure done.

Standing the test of time!

Long term effects of microshading:

Microshading is a procedure that lasts for a long period. It does not have any negative long term effects. No pigment retention is generally seen with microblading. It lasts longer than microblading and no pigment change is seen with microblading.

Which one is Better: microblading or microshading?

Powder brows are versatile and have lesser side effects. The procedure of microshading is also less invasive compared to microblading. The needle is introduced only in the layers of the epidermis in the case of microshading while it is implanted in the superficial layers of the dermis and in the case of microblading. Microshading is also effective with every skin type and is not just restricted to dry skins. There are also no negative long term effects that are seen with microblading. Hence powder brows are considered to be better!

Powder brows are new to the market and the procedure is more technologically advanced than microblading. The cost of powder brows is the same as microblading. You would essentially be getting a better deal at the same rate if you choose powder brows. It also gives you a makeup look without actually applying makeup every day. A real no-makeup- makeup look. If you are considering getting ombre powder brows San Diego then checks out Adoure beauty.

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